How To Install Adobe Premiere Clip PC (Windows 10, 8, 7)

adobe-premiere-clip-for-pc-windows-mac-downloadAre you fond of making and editing videos on your phone? If yes, then the Adobe Premiere Clip app has a surprise for you. The app has some pretty exciting features that will not only help you in cutting and joining videos but will assist help you in enhancing it.

To know more about the Adobe Premiere Clip app in detail, read ahead!

A Brief Look Into The Adobe Premiere Clip App

Well, to post the best videos on your favorite social network, you need an app like Adobe Premiere Clip that can help you get more followers and contacts. Let’s take a look at the features of this app.

Easy to use

One of the essential features in any app is the ease of usage. And fortunately, the premiere clip app has a pretty awesome design that works excellently on your phone, tablet, and PC.

Editing features

The editing features include various aspects like importing the video from the device’s camera roll, Adobe Lightroom, Creative Cloud, or Dropbox. You can even make it with the help of your own phone camera on the spot. Post this; you can use either the automatic mode where the app compiles a video with the videos you selected automatically. On the other hand, the freeform mode helps you make videos by your preference. You can cut and join the video yourself and can also vary exposure, shadows, and volume of the video.

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The premiere clip app offers you various other features like effects and filters. The “look” option in the menu is used to add filters to your whole video; it will provide a uniform look to your whole clip. Other than this, you can use the “Sync to Music” option to clip the video to the time of the music. You can also publish and share your created content directly through the app on your social network account. Moreover, your created videos can also be shared with the app community.

Other than this, you can also get hands-on features like Photo motion, Auto mix, etc.

Install Adobe Premiere Clip on your PC

As it is known that Adobe has discontinued the Adobe Premiere Clip app. You will not get it on PlayStore or App store. To install it on your PC, you need to do it with the help of an Apk file. But first, install the Android emulator from those mentioned below.

To install the emulator, open the package installer and follow the on-screen instructions. Give the emulator 10-15 minutes for a complete setup. Also, download the Apk of Adobe Premiere Clip app from a legitimate source (check it does not have any type of malware).


Post this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Android emulator.
  • Drag the Apk file into the emulator window.
  • A dialog box will appear, check the dialog box as per requirements.
  • The app will start installing.
  • Some emulators have an option of installing the app via apk, choose that option if you find it in the emulator window.
  • After the Adobe Premiere Clip app is installed, enjoy its benefits.
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Final Words

In a nutshell, the Adobe Premiere Clip app is an excellent way to edit and post videos on the social network and within the app. As the app is discontinued by Adobe, it is no longer available for download on PlayStore and App Store, so you can install it on your PC by using the Apk version (which is available online). The users that have this app already on their phone can use it like before, but there will be no support for the app after March 2020.

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