ArgoVPN App for PC – Download on Windows and Mac OS

argovpn-for-pcBrowsing through the internet without facing regional restrictions; isn’t the thought of that amazing? Well, ArgoVPN does not make this a mere thought but a reality. ArgoVPN is a free VPN tool that allows users to browse the internet for free without worrying about geographical restrictions.

Apart from the freedom of this app, you get to enjoy safety and privacy while using the app. Why do we know this? Stick around as we see the different features that make these functions possible while using the Argo VPN app for PC.

A little Background on ArgoVPN

ArgoVPN for PC is a free product from filtershenkaha, a company in Iran that enables Iranian online users to surf the internet freely, privately, and safely. The app is also developed to bypass strict Iranian censorship.


Features of Argo VPN

• Bypass Censorship

This is the main feature of this VPN. It was developed for this main purpose- to do away with Iranian censorship. So how does this help you? If you are in Iran you know the kind of censorship that is in the country. So with Argo VPN you can bypass censorship and access any information you want on the internet.

• Bypass geographical restrictions

This is a feature that is a benefit to anyone using ArgoVPN. With the VPN you can access any regional content without worrying about your geographical location. There are websites that block you if you are from a certain area. With Argo VPN the websites won’t be able to tell which location you are from so it would be close to impossible to restrict you.

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• Hide IP Address

Why would want to hide your IP address? You may wonder but there are so many advantages to hiding your real IP address. First, someone who’s trying to track you down may not have the liberty of doing so because you can keep changing your IP address from the app.

If also you want to access some information from a geographically based area, you can hide your IP address and you can access the information as you wish.

• Easy to Manage Interface

If you don’t know how to use a VPN, don’t worry, Argo VPN has a very easy-to-use interface that in just a few clicks you can easily connect and start using the app.

How to Download Argo VPN for Android and PC

First, if you want to use the app on your Android device, it is very easy to have the app on your phone. You just need to have a Google account, log in to your Google play store, search for the app and download it. It is that easy. The problem comes when you want to download Argo VPN for your PC.

The app does not have a dedicated PC version but there is a way that you can access the app using an emulator like Bluestacks. An emulator allows you to access Android apps on your PC. Bluestacks is just one example of an emulator there are others but Bluestacks happens to be the best.

Here are steps by steps instructions on how you can download the app for PC;

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1. Download Bluestacks Android emulator from their official website. Make sure that you read the requirements of the emulator before you proceed to download the emulator.

2. Once you download the emulator, look for the Google play store app within the emulator and log in using you’re your Gmail account.

3. In Google play store, search for Argo VPN for PC.

4. Click download to download the app.

Final Words

Why worry about safely and privately surfing online when you can leverage the power of a VPN? ArgoVPN is a great app when you want to privately surf the internet, the good news is that the app is free to use.

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