AZ Screen Recorder on the PC – Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac

az-screen-recorder-pc-windows-macAre you looking for the best screen recorder for your PC? If yes, then this ultimately the best site for you. AZ screen recorder is the best solution for you.

There are many scam sites and apps available on your play store and making the best choices or distinguishing between the right applications can be cumbersome. AZ screen recorder is the best choice. This article covers real facts about this easy-to-use app and why it remains the best choice for you.

Why choose the AZ screen record over other apps?

AZ screen record has the following features that make it preferred to other screen record applications:

1. Relatively small size

Most people quickly get bored, downloading huge applications for their PC. People often prefer smaller applications for their systems because they do not consume ample space and will take little data to obtain them from the play store.

2. Simple interface

AZ screen recorder has a straightforward interface with a one-touch start-and-stop button for recording, making it very easy for anyone to operate them. Size of application is one of the critical things we often consider when choosing the best application to use on our PCs. Once you tap the app, four icons will show up at the center of your PC screen:

  • To start recording,
  • To adjust app settings
  • To access the folder with your recorded videos
  • To exit

This simple interface makes the operation of the app appealing and straightforward.

3. It allows you to adjust video quality

There are fantastic options to improve the quality of your screen record to the right degree. You can change the resolution, orientation and bit rate of your screen record on your PC. Besides that, you can as well add the time limit of your screen record right there on the app. And whenever you want to pause the record, there is always a pause button. You simply tap, and it pauses.

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You can as well stop it and resume the recording anytime you wish. It also has a countdown timer for auto-start and auto-stop recording. Furthermore, you can do the configuration of the video’s orientation. You can also select image frequency. AZ screen record also enables full HD and QHD recordings. Adios recordings from a microphone can also be done perfectly on this hilarious. Have you recorded a video with parts that you do not want to appear on the screen? Well. Do not worry. This app allows you to trim those parts that you dislike to come up with an impressive clip.

4. Wide choices of languages

This app has been created by its developers to host many languages to suit your preferences. It is available in the following languages: English, Czech, Italian, Polish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Hindi. This availability in many languages makes AZ screen recorder makes it stand out as the best choice for users.

5. It does not require root to install

AZ screen recorder does not need root access to install and operate. Neither does it require time limits, add watermarks nor incorporation of adverts. This makes the app one of the most reliable screen recorder to use. Ideally, it is one of the most efficient applications for you to do your screen record on your PC.

6. It is ad-free

Nothing is as boring as ads popping up on applications while trying to use or operate them. With the AZ screen recorder, there are no such ads. You run it without any interruptions. That is why the app will not keep on hanging.

7. It has no time limit

AZ screen recorder has no time limit. This makes it stand out as arguably the best screen record app on Earth! You can record as long as you want.

Installation on PC (Windows & Mac)

Wondering how to install and use this app? Well, the following piece highlights simple steps to download and how to use AZ screen recorder on your PC:bluestacks-for-pc-windows-mac-download

  • For your PC, You need to download BlueStacks.
  • Check the already downloaded folder on your PC under the download section. Once you click this, just follow the instructions provided there to install it. Then make sure to select your preferred language.
  • This directs you to sign in to Google Play Store. You will enter your Gmail credentials to unlock this. You may consider creating a Gmail account if you do not have one.
  • Search for the AZ screen recorder on the search bar of the Play Store Homepage. Be sure to choose the first one that appears on the list. Once you click it, it is automatically downloaded to your PC. You are good to go now that you have the application right on your PC.
  • Finally, go to the app and click to open and enjoy your experience with the AZ screen recorder.
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The AZ screen recorder is the best choice to make when looking for a legit screen recorder. It enhances excellent quality while equally allowing you to make any necessary adjustments on your screen record to suit your needs. The superb features of the AZ screen recorder make it the best choice for anyone in need of a screen recorder for PC.

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