BlueStacks for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)


The 21st century is a digital book, each one of us owns a smartphone and we are so obsessed with all the great applications on it, right? Facebook, Instagram, and other gaming apps are all we do in our free time. With almost 35 percent of the world’s population using Facebook and 17 percent using Instagram along with highly popular games like Call of Duty and PUBG. One thing is pretty clear that the smartphone has become an indispensable part of everybody’s life.

Talking about smartphones a little more, if one is a gaming freak he or she would love to play it all day. But the disadvantage that most of us face, frankly speaking, what I face is the small screen size and resolution. It becomes a bit tiring to keep playing those games on a small screen device plus the disadvantage of battery draining too fast. All these issues are normal with gamers and if you are in the middle of achieving a milestone in the game and boom!!! The power of the phone goes off, one might freak out.


Keeping all these issues in mind, BlueStacks was created. Now, what is BlueStacks, what are its features, what does it do, and various other questions that might be popping in your mind will all be addressed in this article. So, read ahead to know.

What is BlueStacks anyway?

BlueStacks is a software that helps you to run android applications on your PC whether it has Windows OS or Mac OS. In other words, it is known as an “Android Emulator”. One can easily install in on their respective PC and run android applications on it. This allows the user to have a great experience while running applications especially when they are games like PUBG, Call Of Duty or Clash Of Clans.

Features Of BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks app player is a state of art emulator software that creates the exact interface as you find on your mobile device. the only difference is that you don’t need to worry about the battery drainage or sudden non-requisite notifications of your phone. This helps in saving your time and stop distracting you from the game.

Some of the best ways in which BlueStacks App Player can be described are:

Fabulous Performance

One of the key features of the BlueStacks App Player is performance. With the increase in the customer base of the BlueStacks application, the developers have also changed the app in a brilliant way. BlueStacks has been under development since its inception which is the reason why there are so many versions of it. The most recent version of BlueStacks App Player is version 4 that has a marvelous performance. With 6 times better performance than the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and 8x faster performance than its predecessor BlueStacks 3, BlueStacks 4 is the master of performance.

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User Interface

The type of user interface any software has, tells a lot about it in a glimpse. Hence, it is very necessary to design a user interface that is not only functional but is also attractive. This is what the developers at BlueStacks had in mind while designing the latest version of BlueStacks App Player. As compared to the previous versions, the user interface of the BlueStacks App Player is much simpler. The dock and search UI enables the user to find their favorite apps very easily. Along with this, the clean user interface also triggers the user to use the app more.

State of the art Keymapping

The BlueStacks App Player also comes with this brilliant feature of keymapping. Now. to understand this, let’s take an example of games. A game freak would know the hassle of controls in the game and the hectic process of changing them from time to time. Not anymore from now, the BlueStacks App Player takes care of it. The latest version of BlueStacks has AI-powered keymapping that auto maps the keys of the keyboard in the supported gaming applications. Apart from this, it also allows the user to set the mapping for the keys as per their preference. This makes the gameplay more easy and convenient.


Although it is not recommended, if one is good at multitasking he or she can get their tasks done faster which is one of the reasons the latest version of BlueStacks has this feature. With the use of BlueStacks 4, one can run multiple games at a single time from a different Google account. One can also play the same game from multiple accounts which helps in getting game benefits like quests and rewards.

These all described above are just a subset of features but they are the basic and crucial ones. Rest you will know better when you will get your hands on this awesome software. Let’s take a look at the various versions of the software now.

Versions of BlueStacks App Player launched so far!!

There are various versions of the software announced over the years since its inception in 2011.

BlueStacks 1: Launched on 11 October 2011 publically.

BlueStacks for Mac: Alpha version was launched on 27 June 2012 whereas the beta version in December.

BlueStacks 2: Launched December 2015, this version supported users to run multiple apps simultaneously.

BlueStacks 3: Launched in July 2017 with a bunch of awesome features like a new engine and front end design, game suggestions, account system, chat, and keymapping.

BlueStacks 3N: Launched in January 2018, this version was lock and loaded to run on Android 7 (Nougat).

BlueStacks 4: Launched in September 2018, the latest version of BlueStacks was launched with 6-8 times better speed than its predecessor.


As we are well-versed with the features of the Android Emulator, its time to discuss the installation procedure of the software. The basic steps for its installation on Windows and Mac operating systems are common except for one or two steps that will be highlighted further.

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Note: For the software to work smoothly, you need to turn on the Virtualization Technology in the system BIOS.

Installation steps for Windows OS

To install the BlueStacks App Player on Windows, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official BlueStacks website, and download the software on the PC. Never download it from any other site apart from the official one.
  2. Post downloading the software, install it by clicking on “Install now”. Change the installation path if required.
  3. Once clicking on install, it will take a few minutes to install and you are ready to use the software after clicking on the “Complete” button.
  4. For installing any game or app, login into the Play Store app with the Google account details. Search for the game and install it.
  5. Enjoy playing!!!

Installation steps for Mac OS

All the steps for installing BlueStacks on the PC with the Mac operating system are the same as the Windows OS. The key difference lies in the permissions of the OS. We will study that further in the steps.

  • Go to the BlueStacks official website and download the latest version of the BlueStacks App Player.
  • Click the “Install” button to start the installation process.
  • Followed by this, click on the continue button to proceed with the installation.
  • After this, the system will provide you pop up for “System Extension Blocked”.
  • Followed by this, click on “Open Security Preferences”.
  • A security and privacy window will pop up, choose the “Allow” option and installation will resume.
  • Click on the complete button to start the app.
  • Log in with your Google account to start installing the games and enjoy!!!

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, if you want to enjoy android apps and games on your PC. You definitely need to install BlueStacks on your PC. There are some users that worry about the legality and safety of using the app. You need not worry about that, BlueStacks App Player is completely safe and legal to use.

So, you fond of high-resolution games and apps. Install this awesome emulator application and have fun.

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