How To Download SonyLIV For PC & Mac (Windows 7, 8, 10)

SonyLIV-app-for-pcSonyLIV Entertainment App for PC

Are you a sports fan freak? Do you love streaming your favorite games online? Does it always mean that you will always need to be at home when the match is on? I agree that time and place might be a challenge when it comes to streaming live. That is why watching and streaming your games live might be a very good option for you.

To do this you need a platform that will allow you to stream games, and watch TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere. There are so many apps out there that might be of help to you but among these, you might find some good ones and some not-so-good ones.

We are here to save you the stress of having to look for a good platform. SonyLIV is an entertainment that will allow you to stream and watch whatever you need for free. We are also going to show you the easiest way you can gain access to this app on your PC.

Before that, let’s look at some of the best features of the SonyLIV app for PC.

SonyLIV App for PC Features


  • Choose from a variety of providers

With SonyLIV you can watch any kind of sports from different kinds of providers and from any part of this world you want. Whether American or African, you can choose any different kinds of sports. You can watch American Cricket, European Qualifiers, and the rest from any source that you need.

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You can also watch movies or live stream TV shows from anywhere in the world.

  • Safe

Unfortunately, some apps will choose to keep your information as you watch and live stream your content. Some of this information might be very critical and might keep you in danger of cybercrimes. Fortunately for you, SonyLIV is an app that ensures your online safety because they do not have o save any of your critical information.

  • Free

SonyLIV app is a free app that you can use to watch or live stream any kind of movie you need. The only drawback to this is that you will have to pay for a monthly subscription so that you don’t have to keep putting off the ads. The subscription allows you to keep the ads away as you live stream or watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

How to Download SonyLIV App for PC

Like many apps, the SonyLIV app is an Android app that allows you to stream and watch your favorite shows and sports. As you may have known, most Android apps cannot be downloaded on your PC. You might need to leverage the power of an Android emulator like Bluestacks to download the app on your PC.

However, if you need the app on your Android, all you need is to visit Google Play Store, search for the app, and then download the app on your phone. Here’s how you download the SonyLIV app for PC.

1. Download the Bluestacks emulator. You need to ensure that your computer is compatible with Bluestacks before you download it. You can find this information from the Bluestacks emulator website.

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2. After installing the emulator, sign in to your Google account using your Gmail account.

3. Visit the Google play store and search for SonyLIV App for PC and click install.


4. Now you can use the app on your PC but you will still need to keep the emulator on your computer to continue using the app on your PC. This is what happens to all apps whenever you want to use them on your PC.


SonyLIV is a good app if you want to watch and stream movies and TV shows online. It is also a good app if you want to live stream sports online.

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