How to download VPN Melon App for PC (Windows and Mac)

download-vpn-melon-app-for-pc-windows-macMelon VPN ranks among the applications that are worth downloading. it is not only easy to work with, but it equally provides an unlimited time of VPN connection. Furthermore, this application can hide your IP Address, thus making your browsing activities untraceable. As a frequent browser, you understand how websites can become restrictive due to the user’s location.

Well, with VPN Melon, you should not worry about this problem as the app offers access to restricted websites irrespective of your present location. It would, therefore, work perfectly for persons studying or traveling abroad. What is even more amazing is the application’s ability to encrypt the user’s internet activity for maximum security.

Downloading VPN Melon for PC – Windows and Mac

If you are wondering how easily you can download this excellent app for your Windows or Mac PC, here are the three straightforward steps you need to observe:

• Download BlueStacks

Installing of VPN Melon can prove impossible in the absence of BlueStacks. As a result, the first step becomes the installation of either of Bluestacks. However, the BlueStacks App-Player is the most preferred because it works for both Mac and Windows. Consider downloading BlueStacks from their official website ( You will just need to head to their website and click on the download icon and it will be automatically downloaded.

• Open the selected player

Once you have downloaded and installed BlueStacks, open the application. A variety of options will appear once you open the BlueStacks, but you should only select the “Android” option. After clicking on Android the next step would be for you to navigate through BlueStacks to find the search bar.

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The next and final step is to search for download “VPN Melon for PC” in the search section that will appear. Among the results that will pop up upon, searching will include VPN Melon. Select this application and download it. You don’t have to worry yourself off about its installation as this will occur automatically once the download is complete. From here, you can open the application and use it easily.


In case you are having a hard time finding the application on your PC, consider locating it among the installed apps in the BlueStacks. It is also in the BlueStacks that you will find directives on how to smoothly use the VPN Melon for PC Windows and Mac.

Most applications indeed ask for registrations during the installation or download process. With VPN Melon, however, things are quite distinct. The reason is that you do not necessarily need to register while downloading and installing this application. Additionally, it is not mandatory to add payments, and this is beneficial as it ensures you get unlimited time and bandwidth without any hassle.


You need to make that you have stable internet connectivity during the installation of both the BlueStacks and the VPN Melon for PC Windows and Mac. Championing this is the fact that these two applications are only capable of download in the presence of functional internet. Also, remember to check whether your PC has enough space for both apps.

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