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eagleeyes-for-pc-free-downloadThe EagleEyes is an app from AVTECH Corporation. This app allows only the customers of AVTECH to control their remote surveillance cameras from their devices. EagleEyes supports users of Android Smartphones and tablets. However, you can use it with your PC with a BlueStacks emulator.

This is a powerful application that users install into their devices. It controls everything when connected to the internet.

What is the EagleEyes App?

AVTECH is the owner of the EagleEyes app. This after this company has shown some effort in innovation technology since it was established in 1996. After some years of research and experience in the technology industry, the company developed the EagleEyes app for Android and PC. The company has made some achievements in mobile platforms by offering various surveillance products.

This app, EagleEyes, was released in 2016. It provides you with a new interface and other user-friendly functions that give you a more enjoyable experience.

The app allows the users to add channels with different devices into one folder and act as a new device. This makes it easier for you to access all your channels you aim to watch as one video.

If you use this surveillance app, it makes video search to be easy for you. So, you can find a video depending on the date and time with only one graphical interface. After you get the target video, you can also select the time range, extract it, and save the footage to your cloud drive. When you save, the video will be ready to share via Email.

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Additionally, on the live view, the app allows you to manually click on your live record icon so that you can record what’s happening. The footage will be saved to the media automatically.

How to install the EagleEyes App for PC

At this time, you won’t find an official PC version of this app, Eagle Eye. However, it’s possible to install using Android emulator. This gives you the ability to control everything on your computer or laptop.

Before you run the app, download the BlueStacks emulator or another emulator of your choice. The emulator will allow you to run the Eagle Eye app.


The emulate helps to replace the touch technology present in your mobile device. It comes with keyboard and mouse buttons controls. For most apps and games, they need to use the mouse, but others need the keyboard.

The app will run on Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS computers.

What Factors Make EagleEyes App Outstanding?

EagleEyes is an app that comes equipped with useful features. These features make this surveillance app outstanding. Here are some of these features:

  • Makes Video Security Easy To Access

EagleEyes app networks have enabled video security much easier for its users. This is because it utilizes cloud solutions that allow you to get notifications, motion sensor data, and analytics easily.

  • Cloud Storage Video Surveillance

With the use of cloud storage surveillance, EagleEyes has enabled flexibility and scalability into people’s businesses.

  • Use of NuboCam

The EagleEyes NuboCam can connect to available 4G/LTE mobile networks and WiFi. So, in every location that you need surveillance for security, you will remain connected.

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When you choose to use this EagleEyes network for security purposes, you can easily watch surveillance videos on your laptop and computer.

This gives you the freedom to check your security camera at any time and point. As other companies are offering security camera solutions, with EagleEyes, it provides you like other best VoIP services.

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