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easyshare-app-for-pcEasyshare Sharing App for Lightning Fast Sharing

90% percent of people in this age have had to use a sharing app to share files, videos, and pics. Nowadays there are so many sharing apps that you can use to share anything on the internet. Some apps may require you to use the internet but some can be used offline. Easyshare is one of the sharing apps that does not need you to use the internet to share files.

Easyshare app is also free and you also do not have to deal with watching ads while you share any files. In this article today we are going to share more about Easyshare and how you can get it on your device.

How does Easyshare App work?

Well, like most sharing apps you will use Easyshare to share your photos, videos, and other files from your device to another device. Easyshare makes haring easier since it does not require an internet connection for you to share files from your device.


The app is super fast and also ad-free. So far Easyshare has over 2 billion users and over a million five-star reviews from the users. This means that the app has reliable and great services in terms of file sharing.

When we talk about the speed we talk about up to 40mbps of speed which means that you don’t have to wait 30 minutes for a single video file to be shared. Also when sharing files you do not have to worry about the file size limit. You can share any file size without limitations.

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You can use the Easyshare app to move your files from your old phone to your new phone without having to worry about the end quality. Your files will not be affected after sharing them. Also, you don’t have to worry about the format of the file you need to share. Easyshare app lets you share files in any kind of format.

Some sharing apps may prohibit or they may be unable to share apps but this is not the case for Easyshare, the app allows you to move your apps from your phone or any device to another device. Also, the app does not discriminate against any Android phone, you can use Easyshare on any Android phone.

How can I get the Easyshare app on my phone and PC

To download and install Easyshare on your Android phone is relatively easy. You only need to visit the Google play store, search for the app, and hit the install button. However, for PC you will need an Android emulator.

Downloading the app on your PC can be quite helpful especially if you want to get files from your PC. Well, you will need the help of a good Android emulator to download the app on your PC. The best for this is the Bluestacks Android emulator.

After you download the emulator on your PC you can then log in to your Google account and visit the Google play store and search for the app to download it on your PC.



Operating Easyshare is a smooth process since you don’t have to come across ads. You also do not have to sign up for an account to start operating the app. So in simple terms, Easyshare is an easy sharing app.

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