Manual To Download EasyviewerLite For PC [Mac & Windows]

easyviewerlite-for-pc-windows-macStaying up to date with all your essential assets at one go could seem impossible. This is because one cannot fix themselves up at one point. You have to leave one place to care for another place. For example, as a parent, you will have to leave your children behind to go and work, and you also have to leave your business premises in the hands of other people.

To ensure that you stay on the watch of all of your essential assets, you need to install cameras at home and your business. Installing cameras is not enough. You need an app that will help you monitor all of the activities and also manage your cameras.

One of the best apps that will help you to monitor and watch live videos is the EasyviewerLite app. We will discuss what exactly the app is and how you can benefit using the EasyviewerLite app.

What is the EasyviewerLite app?

EasyviewerLite app is a surveillance app that helps you watch everything that happens in front of your installed cameras remotely. This is to say that you can watch your kids at home while at work on your phone. The app also allows you to tilt cameras and collect your best captures.

EasyviewerLite app features


With the rise of surveillance apps every day, you must ensure an app has the below features for you to choose it. Below are the most helpful features that the EasyviewerLite app has over your surveillance activities.

  • Manage more multiple IP cameras
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If a surveillance app-only manages one IP camera, then this is not the best surveillance app for you. A surveillance app must allow you to monitor more than one IP camera. EasyviewerLite app allows you to manage multiple IP cameras at a go. However, you must ensure that the IP cameras are connected to one WIFI or internet connection.

  • Tilting the cameras

EasyviewerLite app allows you to zoom, pan, or tilt the cameras that you have installed remotely. This helps you to watch everything that happens on the entire premises. Any surveillance camera that lacks this feature is not worth using.

  • Take a snap

If you see anything funny or something that could raise suspicions, you can take a snap while watching the video. The app also allows you to save such snaps for future reference.

  • Recording and playback

As long as you have enough space on your device, you can record videos using EasyviewerLite for PC to record the video and later come back and playback the video.

  • Lite Version

When you hear the word lite on an app, it means that the app is lighter and would not cause any distractions on your device. For example, when using the EasyviewerLite app, you will not experience lag.

How to use EasyviewerLite for PC

EasyviewerLite app is an Android, iOS app that you can download from the Google play store or Appstore. However, downloading it directly to your PC can be close to impossible. This is why you need the help of an Android emulator to download the app on your PC.

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Follow the instructions below to download the EasyviewerLite app on your PC;


  1. Download the MEmu Android emulator on your Windows or Mac computer.
  2. Download Easyviewer APK on your computer.
  3. Click on the APK icon on the MEmu Android emulator.
  4. Select the Easyviewer app APK from your files on your computer.
  5. Wait as the installation takes place.
  6. Open the MEmu player and use the Easyviewer app within the emulator.

Note: you will always need to open the emulator and use the app within the emulator.

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