Easiest Way to Download Fish VPN For Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac

fishvpn-for-pc-download-freeAnyone browsing the internet without a good VPN is putting themselves at the risk of being attacked by hackers. To avoid internet crimes, one of the best tools to use is the VPN. Fortunately, there are so many VPNs that you can use, and most of them are free to use.

FishVPN is one of the free VPNs available in the VPN market. Below is a list of things Fish VPN app can do for you as an internet user.

Functions and Features of FishVPN for PC

Before we dig into the features and functions of Fish VPN, let’s define what Fish VPN is. Fish VPN is a free unlimited high-speed VPN that you can use while you browse the internet. Here is a list of things Fish VPN can do:

  • Allows you to bypass internet restrictions

There are many restrictions that you will face while you use the internet. Some of these can be solved using a VPN. For instance, you may be restricted from using a particular site because of your geographical region. To bypass the firewalls, you can use Fish VPN since it helps you unblock such sites.


Another restriction is whereby some regions restrict or ban some sites. For example, recently, India had a mass ban on apps in the country. As a result, many Indians are incapable of accessing areas like TikTok. In this case, one can use a VPN, and you will be free to use any banned or blocked site.

  • Browse the internet anonymously
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There are many reasons why one would want to browse the internet anonymously. You may want to visit adult content, but you don’t want anyone following what you do on the internet by following your IP address. One way to hide your IP and browse anonymously is by using FishVPN. The VPN helps you hide your IP address, thus allowing you to browse the internet anonymously.

Those are just the main functions of FishVPN; there are other functions that are directly connected to the VPN’s features. So below are some of the main features of Fish VPN.

  • Multiple servers to connect to.
  • Easy connection.
  • One time connection, no need for registration.
  • High-speed proxy.
  • No credit card information is needed.

Downloading Fish VPN for PC

This VPN does not have an app version for PC. The only way to download the app on your PC is by using an emulator. However, if you don’t want to download the app on your PC, you the FishVPN Chrome extension. To use the extension, you need to visit the Chrome browser and add the fish VPN extension.

If, however, you need to download the app on your PC, follow the instructions below;

  1. Download and install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC.
  2. Visit the Google play store and search for Fish VPN.
  3. Search for Fish VPN and click install.


FishVPN will help you browse the internet safely and also privately. The VPN is also free to it is affordable to many people. You can choose to either use the Chrome extension or download the Android app on your PC.

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