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gcmob-app-for-pc-windows-and-mac-free-downloadIf you want eyes for places where you cannot be at a particular time then this is the app you need to sort you out. gCMOB for PC is a surveillance app that will give you live feeds from NVRs, IP cameras, video door homes, and even DVR. The app enables you to have control over the live feeds by letting you switch cameras and direct them to areas you think may need more attention.

The gCMOB for Windows has got even more great features apart from just live streaming of cameras which makes the application very unique. There is no official application for PC as it was designed to work with the operating system for Android. However, you can have the gCMOB for PC with the assistance of an Android emulator.

How to Install the App gCMOB on your PC / Windows / Mac

Basically, you will have to download the Android emulator BlueStacks.
• Download and install BlueStacks on your PC. The official application will be found on their website so you will just Google BlueStacks.
• Open BlueStacks and run it after you have installed it on your PC.
• The homepage will pop up on your screen for BlueStacks. You should see a search box at the top there. Type in “gCMOB” so that the system can perform a search.
• A list will show up so choose the official gCMOB for Windows and click install. The installation process should commence right away.

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gcmob-app-for-pc-windows-mac-free-download• Follow the instructions given by your installer to successfully complete it. Go back to your BlueStacks homepage and look for your application’s icon. Click on it to run it and enjoy its many benefits and feature.

Installing gCMOB for Mac is also not that complicated. What you need to make sure is that you first download an emulator. This is because there is no official app for PC or Mac so you can only use the app from your Mac computer via an emulator. The emulator, in this case, is BlueStacks. It is very reliable and perfect for this.

Merits of gCMOB for PC

The following are some of the advantages of using this application for your surveillance needs.

• It has a very simple and easy graphical user interface. Basically, anyone can control it as you do not require having any IT expertise.
• gCMOB for Windows has got cloud storage support.
• It can support 4 channels at one time.
• Your screen can be divided into 16 different sections.
• You can be able to extract files with the help of this app. They could be for assessing a situation that happened earlier or something like that.
• The application also has control of off/on the switch.

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