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google-talkback-app-for-pc-free-downloadHave you ever wondered how the blind or visually impaired people use their devices? In this age and era, it’s impossible to see someone without a technological gadget for example phones and laptops. However, you may have known that some people cannot use these gadgets without further assistance.

Google Talkback is a screen reader software that acts as the accessibility service for the visually impaired personnel. The application can be used on any device, including phones and laptops. The page below explains how you can set up the software on your laptop and gain access to whatever is on the screen.

What is Talkback?

Simply put, Google Talkback is an accessibility service that helps the blind and the visually impaired get what is on the screen of the devices. The platform reads what is on the screen and adds in spoken, vibration, and audible feedback on your screen. The feedback you get from Talkback explains what you are required to do or what you are doing or the notifications on the screen.

You may have noticed that this service may come pre-installed on most Android devices. The accessibility is also updated when improved.

How to activate accessibility services on your Android device

As mentioned earlier this application comes pre-installed on Android devices. to use it you have to activate it. To activate Talkback on your Android device, follow the instructions before;

  1. Under systems click on settings.
  2. Click accessibility.
  3. In the services section, click on the on/off button under ‘Talkback’.
  4. Click on the top right-hand corner on the screen.
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How to use Google Talkback on your PC

Google talkback is an Android application and to use it on your PC you will have to use the AndyOS Android emulator to emulate Android on your Windows or Mac computer. Once you download it you can head straight to Google, play on the emulator and search for Talkback, and click on Google Talkback to install it.

Google Talkback For PC FAQs

Since talkback has become a very popular app, there have been several questions that people ask about the application. However, here are the three most important questions that people have asked about using Google Talkback for PC.

How can I get Talkback on my Windows Laptop?

This question is asked by most caregivers and the best way to install the app on PC is by using an Android emulator. There are so many Android emulators out there, but the most trusted ones are BlueStacks and AndyOS Android emulators. You need to download either of them and use it to download the app on your PC.

Is there a Windows version for Google Talkback?

No, there is no Windows version for Google Talkback, you need to use an Android emulator to download the accessibility application on you.


Google Talkback is one of the most advanced technologies in today’s world. Now the blind and the visually impaired can have their chance with electronic devices and thus they will not be left out of the rest of the world. One thing we wish to happen is that there will be a Google Talkback for the PC version.

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