How To Download Google Task Mate For PC (Windows & Mac)

google-task-mate-for-pcOver the years, technology is escalating at a tremendous rate. Google is one of the major companies which has played a vital role in enhancing technology via the creation of different applications and platforms.

The Google Task Mate application is one of the most recent applications designed by the company. Are you interested in learning more about this application? If yes, let us sail along together up to the culmination of this article as you gain a better comprehension of the Google task mate app.

What is Google Task Mate App

This is an application created by the Google company and it enables you to earn money directly on their mobile devices by completing simple tasks. This application is similar to Google Opinion where users were rewarded by completing surveys. The significant difference is that the Google Task Mate application does pay using money.


How to Earn Money Via the App

As earlier mentioned, you can earn some money by completing simple tasks. Simple tasks will be posted on the application. The tasks are mainly classified into; sitting tasks and field tasks.

Sitting Tasks

Just as the name suggests, you can complete these tasks at the comfort of your house. Sitting tasks include: transcribing sentences, completing surveys, recording spoken sentences among others.

Field Tasks

These tasks will require you to visit nearby locations as guided by the application. The tasks may include going to nearby shops, restaurants, malls, or other commercial centers and capturing photographs.

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If you are not interested in a particular task, you can choose to abort it by pressing the difficult button. A notable feature of this application is that tasks are issued according to your performance. The more accurate you are; the more tasks you will receive.

The payments are automated but this is upon review of your submitted task. You will receive your money directly to your bank account upon withdrawing. It’s worth noting that the payments of the tasks are highly determined by the simplicity of the tasks. The simpler the tasks, the less they pay you to receive.

You will earn 0.50 dollars upon completion of transcribing ten sentences. Recording ten sentences will earn you approximately 0.20 dollars. An advantage of this application is that you can cash out the money directly to your bank account once you are satisfied with the balance.

How to Install Google Task Mate App on Android & PC

The Google Task Mate is only available in Kenya and India. You can only earn through this platform if you have an invitation. The Google company was sending random invites to users in India and Kenya. Google has already put an end to sending invitations.


You can also join this platform if a person who has an invitation shares it with you. unfortunately, the Google Task Mate application is only available for Android devices but you can use Nox App Player to use it on your Windows or Mac PC. The application is available in the Early Access version. It is however ambiguous if the application will gain popularity in the market.

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Final Thought

It is unequivocal that this application will be of great benefit when it is fully-fledged into the market. Since the early bird catches the worm, the initial invitees are reaping through this platform.

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