How to Install Photomath App on PC (Windows & Mac)

Photomath App Free Download for PC

download-photomath-app-on-pc-windows-macLet’s admit it; math is one of the most challenging subjects in school. This fact explains why most students own a graphing calculator to help them deal with this hard subject. A more advanced technology than that of the graphing calculator has emerged. This technology involves an app that is used to help students solve mathematic equations by using a smartphone. This app is known as Photomath. So what exactly does Photomath do to help in solving mathematical problems? Read on.

How Photomath works

Photomath is a free mobile app that lets you solve mathematical problems with the help of your smartphone camera. This app uses an advanced OCR technology to read, recognize and solve equations within seconds. This means that if you have a math problem, you will only need to point your camera at it whether printed or handwritten and the app will solve the problem for you.

photomath-app-free-download-for-pc-softgeta.comThe Photomath app may sound like it is encouraging students to cheat, but the app also shows step by step how a mathematical problem has been solved. This is an advantage to most students who do not have their tutor around and are having problems understanding a particular math concept. Parents can also use this app to their advantage by trying to jog their memory while they teach math to their children.

Photomath currently solves basic arithmetics, decimal points, logarithms, and linear equations. The description of the app found on Itunes says that the app will keep on adding new math solving concepts.

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Photomath Features

• This app is 100% accurate in that it will calculate the mathematical problems with top accuracy.
• It has a step by step solution on how a mathematical problem is solved.
• The photomath app camera is very clear and very fast.
• The photomath keyboard is also very powerful.

Download Photomath for PC

Photomath is an excellent app for students who find it impossible to grasp basic mathematical knowledge. It is also a good app for tutors and for parents who love helping their children with their assignments.

Photomath app, however, was designed to work only on Android and IOS devices. Fortunately, there is a simple and smarter way you could download Photomath for pc on your computer. Outlined below is a step by step guide on how you can download photomath app for pc on your windows or mac computer.

Downloading Photomath without using an Android emulator is close to impossible, and that is why firstly, you have to download and install BlueStacks.

1. Download BlueStacks freely from BlueStack’s official website. Head on to their website, and you will find a download page, click on it and wait for Bluestacks to download and install.

2. Once Bluestacks is installed, you can now navigate through the app after launching and on the Google play store, search for the Photomath app.

3. Once you find it, you can open it and start solving all the problems you may be having.


In a few years, technology has had a sky-rocket advancement. One of these exotic advancements is the Photomath app designed for Android and IOS devices. You don’t have to worry however, the above steps will ensure that you have Photomath on your computer.

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