How to Install XDV App on the PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac)

xdv-app-for-pc-windows-macAre you looking for quality streaming video surveillance software? XDV is the solution for you. It is ideal for viewing live feeds of your video surveillance cameras. XDV is a powerful and flexible application that can allow you to control your camera from far away as long as you have internet connectivity.

Therefore, this application is ideal for those people who like monitoring their homes and offices from away. This application will enable you to record videos that you can watch later when you are free.

Features of XDV app

1. Allows you to live stream real-time videos

Do you want to know what is happening in your home on-the-go? This application can make this a reality for you. With the XDV app, you will be able to live stream all the real-time videos of your surveillance cameras from the device where the app is installed.

2. High-quality images

Some apps are not good when it comes to recording images. In most cases, they will record low-quality images such that you have to strain to view these videos even from your office. This is not right. The good news is that this app can record videos of high quality. Also, the images recorded here are of high quality too.

3. Detects motions

This app can detect motions and movements captured from the camera. Also, the XDV app can control this motion to take pictures, videos, photographs slow operation and so on. It is possible to set this app to take a screenshot whenever it detects motion. You can also set it to save it as a video.

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4. Amazing camera and video features

Whether you would like to take photos or videos, this app has amazing features that can fascinate you. Camera features include an ordinary camera, time taking pictures, camera trajectory, automatic camera and so on. On the other hand, video features include time-lapse recording, loop recording and many more.

5. Allows you to share images and videos on social media

If you want your friend or partner to know what was happening at your home, you can readily share these images on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

How to Download XDV for PC (Windows and Mac)

This app is not only available for smartphones but can also be used on PC. Therefore, you should consider the XDV app for PC download. Here are some essential steps that can guide you more effectively:


1. First, you should consider installing an emulator program in your PC for you to utilize the XDV app. In this case, you can consider using the BlueStacks emulator program.

2. Once you have downloaded this emulator, open the download folder and install it on your computer.

3. Open the emulator after it has been installed.

4. To use the emulator, you need to have a Google account. You can use it to sign in.

5. You will see a simple user interface and different types of apps there.

6. Go to the search box and type XDV there to search this app.

7. Find the XDV app, select it and finally install it.

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Nowadays, you can view your cameras from anywhere by using the XDV app. With this app, you will be able to monitor and control these cameras remotely. This can make you have some peace of mind and even enables you to enjoy a lot of conveniences. Install the XDV app for PC today and you will not be frustrated.

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