Manything Alternative for Windows PC and Mac

manything-for-pc-windows-downloadAre you always conscious of what is happening in your workplace or at your home? Do you have a pet at home to needs proper watching, whether you are at home or not? Then you need an app that will aid you in checking on what you value the most from anywhere you are in the world.

In the recent past, there were no CCTV cameras that would help you check on your valued possessions. These days CCTVs have become the order of the security departments. You will find that many businesses have adopted this form of security.

The better part of this security topic is that nowadays, you can use an app to watch and control your CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world. An example of such an app is the Manything app for PC. In the next few minutes, you are going to discover what Manything app is and how it could of help to you.

About the Manything App


Manything is one word that means monitor anything, and this is what the app is designed to do. The Manything app is built as a viewing partner of your CCTV cameras. Before such apps, one had to use DVRs and LCD screens to watch what your CCTV cameras are recording. However, with Manything up, you can easily dodge the expenses of having to put up such screens. You can simply install your CCTV cameras, download the app, and then connect the app to your CCTV cameras.

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Make use of your old Smartphone

Do you think that your old Smartphone or your old tablet is no longer of any use? Think again before you think of donating it. Manything gives you the opportunity of turning these old phones to CCTV cameras. You only need to download the app on the separate devices and use them as CCTV cameras.

The two-way talk

If you have a caregiver at home checking after your pet or your children, you can use the two-way feature that Manything app has. It means that you can talk to the person you are viewing, and they speak to you.

On a lighter note, think of an instance when a burglar who gets in your home, but you can see them. You will just need to talk using the app, and you can easily scare them away.

Manything App for PC


For people who use computers for most of their time, you can also get Manything for PC.

However, because this an Android application, you have to download an emulator first before you download the app. The emulator will allow you to emulate an Android device on your computer and hence download the app on your computer smoothly. Without the emulator, downloading the app on your PC can be a challenging task.

You can download Manything on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and Mac OS with no problem using this method.


1. Can I use Manything APK to download Manything app on my PC?

Yes, you can download the APK first then download the emulator. Once you have the emulator now, you can click on the APK on the emulator to download the app on your PC.

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2. Can I get a Manything alternative?

Yes, there is a Manything alternative that you can use, such as Webcamoid and Yawcam. All of them may work well, but Manything is the most prominent of them all.

3. Does the app have the Manything change password option?

Yes, there is. You can find this option on your account option on your Manything app. Note that if cameras are running while you change the password, they will stop recording for 15 minutes.

4. Can I get Manything for Blackberry?

Manything app for PC is compatible with most devices, and Blackberry is not an exception.

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