MEmuPlay Android Emulator For PC (Windows And Mac)

memuplay-android-emulator-iconThe MEmu developed by Microvirt is a new Android PC emulator in the market. This emulator is meant for the Android gaming community who like playing mobile games on their PCs. According to MEmu, they are much better than BlueStacks. The few people who have been using the MEmu Android Emulator have revealed that despite it not being perfect, it comes with several features that make it rank top among the best Android emulators currently available in the market.

The MEmu Android Emulator comes with lots of software and hardware compatibility. There is AMD and Intel chipsets which are integrated and dedicated graphics cards. This emulator can run in Windows 10, 8 7 and much older versions. Its offline installer is approximately 340 MB although it comes with a simple process of installation.

MEmu Android Emulator Features



The MEmu Android Emulator comes with Android 4.4.4 KitKat which is a mobile operating system that is approximately 3 years old. It is possible for one to organize it to use the 5.1.1 Lollipop. Its home screen displays generic wallpaper. It is easy and straightforward to navigate through this emulator. It comes with a Google Play store together with ES File Explorer and Settings app to help in file management. There are different menu items that are displayed on the interface right side. Some of the items are the full-screen option, the keyboard mapping, APK files one-click installs, etc. All these can be adjusted in a drag and drop toolbar setting.


This emulator comes fully packed with a toolbox of options that will help in configuring the emulator. Keyboard mapping is the most important when it comes to gaming. All you have to do is click at the screen using the mouse and key in an activation key you will need to use for the game controls. The FPS and MOBA games have special mapping options.

Installing the MEmu Android emulator is quite easy as it comes with a one-click APK install button. All you have to do is navigate the PCs’ Android package you will need to install. This emulator also comes with gameplay utilities. Feel free to take screenshots and save them on the computer. It also comes with a video recording feature that available in low and high quality. There is also an operation record feature that is tasked with running and recording macros to grind any tasks that are monotonous. This will be of great benefit to some of the MMO games.

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The MEmu Android emulator can run on several instances or can have more than a single MEmu app player running concurrently. What makes this emulator unique when compared to other types of emulators in the market is its capability of working in different Android operating systems versions concurrently.


MEmu Android emulator has a number of options that can be used in adjusting the performance. Feel free to allocate any memory amount and CPU cores. The resolution of the screen is capable of supporting up to 4K to enjoy playing the games in their great HD display. Its advanced options will provide you with the capability of changing the model of the device, the SIM card, and IMEI and phone number. All these are of great importance to the developers as they test the apps.

It comes as a pre-rooted emulator out of the box although you can always disable it when you want to change that.

Between the MEmu Android emulator and the PC, there are 4 folders: Pictures, Downloads, Videos, and Music. All these can also be found in their respective Windows folders; however, you can always modify that when you need them elsewhere.

In case you use location-based services or games, the settings of the GPS will be of great importance to you. It is possible to change the virtual location on the map and that o any app you will be using.



With all the MEmu Android emulator features, it is important to know how well this emulator can perform. For example, I did try out 3D demanding games for Android: The Critical Ops and the Forsaken World.

For the Critical Ops, I did use the MEmu Android emulator for better mapping of keyword controls over the Nox and the Bluestacks. However, it is possible to play the Critical Ops on the majority of the Android Emulators.

The Critical Ops is a fast ace shooter game that comprises of Defuse bomb and dead match models similar to the counter strike. The MEmu did perform exceptionally well running at 50 to 60 FPS. However, there are people who complained of frequent frame drops and graphical issues depending on their location. You can fix the drops of the frame by adjusting the settings of the graphics to medium. There are times when the high settings were okay.

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The Forsaken world refers to an MMORPG game. This game is 3D open and comes with several graphical elements.


  • The MEmu is a perfect driver for daily and frequent tasks like the Android apps experience.
  • The MEmu developers did add an advanced option for the purpose of gaming although that lacks the power.
  • Its freeware comprises of a stable Android 5.1 of the package. The operating system of Android lacks glitches and bugs.
  • There is an inbuilt service for play store
  • The MEmu did make several efforts to add Android 4.0 support, Android 7.1 support and Android 6.0 out of the box.


  • The MEmu Android emulator is not a game-oriented emulator.
  • There are several greater titles that never work smoothly on the MEmu Android Emulator.


The MEmu Android emulator is widely regarded as a responsive and fast emulator which can do all that it sets out to do which is to play the Android Apps on the PC using great performance. However, this emulator has got lots of areas to improve on. In case you are in need of an Android emulator that can satisfy your needs, then the MEmu android emulator is a perfect choice.

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