Download NetCapsule VPN For PC (Windows 7/8/10/Mac)

netcapsule-vpn-download-for-pcAccess Blocked Content with NetCapsule VPN

The internet is a wide ocean of content, no matter if it is video, audio, text, or anything else. If you are a consistent internet user, streamer, or gamer, you must have experienced many websites that are not usually open to general users.

The sole reason behind this is that the type of content may not be appropriate for the public. Plus, if someone wants to keep the content bound to a dedicated geographical location, he or she might have blocked it. So, what’s the way out?

Well, the solution to your problem is the NetCapsule VPN. The VPN app has some remarkable features that not only help you access blocked content but also enhance the speed.

A Brief Overview of the NetCapsule VPN App

If you are one of those, who want to stream your favorite content that is blocked on the web, behold the NetCapsule VPN app.


Free of cost: Now, no more paying for a VPN app. The NetCapsule VPN is absolutely free of cost with all the features in one app. There is no paid version of it.

The Unblock feature: No matter if it is a gaming website like PUBG or a social network like Snapchat. The unblock feature of the NetCapsule VPN makes it easy whether the website is blocked based on geographical location or through government censorship.

Browsing and Speed: One feature that the app provides is the speed boost to your games. The other factor is that you can browse the internet while leaving no footprints (complete anonymity).

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Complete security: The overall perk of the NetCapsule VPN app is security. There are many aspects that can be counted under that like:

  • Secures DNS leaks
  • Security of your online activity
  • Conceals your real IP

Moreover, the NetCapsule VPN also ensures the security of your device’s connection while connected to WiFi by encrypting the traffic.

Note: The app is supported by over 1 million servers around the world. However, it is not provided in Russia and China.

How to install the NetCapsule VPN app on your PC?

To get the app on your PC, it is necessary for you to have an android emulator. When you search online for an emulator, there are a plethora of them. Though our best picks are:

Now, to install the Nox Player and NetCapsule VPN on your PC, follow the mentioned steps:

1. Download the installer package file from the official website mentioned above.

2. Post successful download, open the installer file, and accept the user agreement of Nox.

3. Click on the “Install” button and do as the instructions ask you to do.

4. Give the emulator some time to install (around 10 minutes).

5. After installation, open up the emulator and tap on ”Start.”

6. Post this, open PlayStore & login with your Google ID and Password.

7. Search for the NetCapsule VPN app in PlayStore.


8. Find the correct app and use it on your PC while ensuring absolute privacy and security.

Wrap Up!

So, whether you want to stream your favorite movie online, play any game, or use any app that is blocked, use the NetCapsule VPN app for a secure experience.

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