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neye-for-pc-windows-mac-free-downloadAre you in need of a better live video streaming software? Indeed, many video streaming and recording software are getting saturated in the market. You only need fine details of a particular software before you settle for it.

This write-up will delve on how N_eye for PC software operates to handle specific functions as programmed. It is a powerful app with exceptional features worth your attention. Keep reading as we shed more light on it.

So, what is N_eye? The answer is simple. It is an application that enables you to access and view web cameras from anywhere in the world. Unique device identification is required to connect and get ready to view and record live videos.

This application helps in viewing the web cameras by directly connecting and playing. It enables you to stream videos to your gadget when you connect to a 3G or WIFI connectivity. Let’s dig a little deeper.

N_eye CCTV app

N_eye CCTV app helps guarantee security in places such as business premises, schools, or hospitals. With the N_eye CCTV application, you can record the videos to watch later. It is crucial in places and institutions where high security is required.

The ability to record explicit videos makes N_eye CCTV app the best app when it comes to safety. You only require to connect this app to the security camera, and it will automatically start recording and saving the videos.


If your company is facing a security threat of any kind, this CCTV app will assist you in tracking video events for your reference. Furthermore, since this app is machine operated, you may require fewer human resources to manage it.

Or even better, this app can take screenshots as well as add other devices by the use of QR code. The design helps in tracking and managing security details and retrieval of the videos as appropriate. As you use the N_eye CCTV app since reliable surveillance is a guarantee.

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N_eye Features and How to download it on PC

You may only require a CCTV camera and an internet connection to run the N_eye application. Meanwhile, you can configure this app by entering the IP address. At this point, you may be in a position to view live videos.

Furthermore, this app consists of exceptional features that will enable you to view live footage. Most of these features will assist in the proper streaming of live videos so that you have an eye on what is happening over its focus.

These features are as follows:

  • It supports digital zooming
  • Streaming videos over the internet or WIFI.
  • You can track at least four live video streams.
  • Permits PTZ controls.
  • It adds a new device by scanning a QR code.
  • It supports both portrait and landscape orientation.
  • Device management.
  • You can browse pictures and take snapshots.
  • It includes playback and recording video feature.

The process of downloading and installation is never complicated. You may only need the following items:

  • WIFI or internet connection.
  • A laptop or personal computer.
  • An Android Emulator like Koplayer or BlueStacks

By simply following the downloading steps, the app will be ready for the assigned tasks. The indoor camera can record video and audio as well. It is perfect for monitoring housekeepers, storekeepers, conference rooms, and seniors.

The role of an emulator is to create an Android feature on your device. Such functionality will enable you to run the N-eye app on your PC effectively efficiently. You can follow the below process when downloading and installing the app.

1. The first step is to download and install Android Emulator on your PC. In this case, you can download the BlueStacks Emulator from accessing the company’s official website (

bluestacks-4-download-windows-mac2. After completing the downloading process of the emulator, go ahead with the installation process. You may wait for a moment before the installation process ends.

3. After successfully installing your desired Android Enumerator, proceed by opening it.

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4. At this point, begin to configure your Gmail account to allow you to use google play store on your PC.

5. Using the search bar, key in N_eye, and enter to search. The application will appear. Click on it and select the installation button to install. It will take some time.

6. After the installation of the app, save it in “My Apps”. Click on it, and it will be ready to be used.


N_eye application has simplified security operations in firms and industries. Its amazing features make it unique as compared to other video recording apps. The ability to record video, audio, and take screenshots makes N_eye CCTV application among the best in the market.

The process of finding a reliable app to monitor live video streaming is not a walk in the park. It would help if you had proper guidance by following relevant details before you decide to acquire the right software. In this case, N-eye for PC windows takes the lead.

The software will address all the security concerns within your premises, making your residence a safe place to be. Most importantly, its process of downloading and installation is simple. Therefore, don’t wait is you want to improve the overall surveillance of your environment.

The decision now lies squarely in your court.

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