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note-recognizer-pc-guideAre you seriously involved in active music-making? Note recognizer app is your ultimate companion as far as music is concerned. You will realize that this app usually helps to analyze the pitch frequency that you sing or even play. Also, it gives you the corresponding note name. Therefore, it is very ideal for singers or artists who want to find their starting note for a particular song.

How can I use the Note recognizer app?

As mentioned above, this app can help you know the key of a song. All you need to do is to sing the tonic, and you will get the note name of the key. Also, this app can help you check the intonation on a violin, flute, and any other musical instrument. Luckily, it does not come with fancy graphics. It comes with a perfectly visible layout for dark places and gloomy practice environments.


To start with, this app is a tuning app that will generally suit all your needs. With the live notation, you will play your music idea on the instrument and have it transformed into musical notation. Here, you can then watch your score grow as you play the music. Finally, you will be able to save the notation as an image file. After that, you can send the image file to your dropbox or even share it with your friends.

For you to save the notation, you need to have an Android device that has at least Android 4.0. If you try to use other older Android versions, you will get an error. Also, it is essential to note that live notation will not work for whistling. This is because the notes here are above the normal music range for instruments. Finally, the quality of the microphone of your device will significantly influence the performance of this app.

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How to download Note Recognizer for PC

Apart from using this app on your Android device, you can still use it on your PC. Here, you will be able to enjoy a larger user interface and have fun. However, for this to work well, you need to download an Android emulator on your PC. The good news is that there are many emulators you can consider. Here, we shall use the Nox app player. The following are the vital steps that you should consider:

1. Download and install the Nox app player on your PC. (

2. Launch the Nox app player on your PC.

3. On the home screen of the emulator, you will see the Google Play Store.

5. Log in your Google details and then search for the Note Recognizer app.


6. Click download and then install it on the Nox app player emulator.

7. Launch the app on your PC and start using it.


Note Recognizer is an excellent app if you are talented in singing, or you are an upcoming artist. You can trust that this app will help you know which notes you are hitting. In fact, you can play these notes on the piano, and it will match perfectly. Here, you will sing, figure it out your note, and then play it on the piano. Consider downloading this app on your PC today, and you will have fun with music.

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