How To Setup P6SLite Mobile App On Windows PCs

p6slite-for-pc-windows-7-8-10P6SLite Mobile App Review

Video transmission might be hectic and time-consuming work without utilizing the right software. An exciting and easy-to-use mobile application can save you the stress of going through traditional ways of transmitting video.

The P6SLite mobile application facilitates the video transmission activities for you with its Person-to-Person (P2P) technology. This software is suitable for various types of devices such as IPC/NVR/DVR. Navigating through this application on your mobile phones is very easy because it has Android and iOS versions. Likewise, it has a desktop version that allows you to use the mobile software on your computer easily.

Primary Functions of the P6SLite Mobile App


1. Device Management

P6SLite video transmission software allows you to maneuver your device management. It enables you to customize the preferences of the mobile App with the easy-to-use features of the App.

2. Video Preview

Viewing videos with the P6SLite mobile application is delightful. The clarity of the scenes and quality display graphics light up your viewing experience. Previewing videos with this mobile application is very straightforward.

3. Video Playback

The video playback function allows you to smoothly playback the video content to screens that appear on camera. This can include every scene from phones, tablets, monitors, video walls, projection screens, or any video or computer screen.

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Does this application have any Alarm function?

This fantastic mobile application supports a one-key alarm function that quickly notifies you with just a one-key hold.

What Format of Video Does this App Support?

The P6SLite mobile video transmitting application has a remote video download that supports MP4 video format. This allows you to download videos of MP4 format or below.

What is the best network to use the Mobile Application?

The P6SLite mobile software work perfectly with any mobile carrier, and it supports the standard network coverage, be it 3G or the 4G operating platform. Meanwhile, your network’s strength also determines how fast and rapid the application will respond to your command.

How Do I use this Mobile Application on my Phone?

Using this mobile application on your mobile phone is very easy and straightforward. Register a new account on the mobile app and log in to the account. This App offers you optimized local login and allows you to add AIOT device interface guidelines to perfect your navigation through the App.

Is there a lighting Control and Translation function on this App?

Apparently, there are more than enough functions on this mobile application. It offers you lighting control logic where you can easily control the lighting of the vision. Also, it provides you English translation that smoothly translates each of the scenes for your better understanding.

Does this App Support Desktop?

Definitely! This mobile app supports a desktop version of a different Operating System. It supports Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. It also supports Mac Book, and the iOS version is easy to use.

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How do I Install This App to My PC (Windows 10, 8, 7)?


Installing this mobile App on your computer or Personal Computer is the easiest thing to do. Downloading and installing this fantastic App to your computer involves using Android emulator software on your computer. Download and install any Android emulator software (preferably the BlueStacks or Nox Player).

Navigate through the Android Emulator, download and install the P6SLite mobile application to your computer.

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