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picshop-lite-for-pcQuality photography is among the highly thriving businesses today. People want to capture the best moments of their lives, share with their loved ones and keep them for the future. To achieve these goals, they need an excellent photo editing app to enhance the quality of the photos.

Businesses also edit their photos, a step that brings different benefits, including:

  • To create credibility and a good reputation
  • To re-energize the images
  • To build a perfect brand image
  • To improve company sales
  • To grab potential customers’ attention on social media
  • To save time, resources, and effort
  • To use a fresh and objective opinion

If you are looking for an excellent photo editing app, you can never go wrong with the Picshop Lite for PC. It has one of the most beautiful interfaces in the market, which, when combined with multiple editing options and filters, create a premium mobile editing experience. If you love editing photos, either professionally or for fun, you will love this app.

PicShop lite is a fantastic photo editor thanks to the support for HD images of up to 8 MP. Besides, it also comes with integrated social sharing features, which means excellent convenience for users – you can share the same image across all social media platforms with a single click. The next time you post the same photo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Email, think about Picshop Lite.


Features of PicShop Lite Photo Editor

PicShop Lite comes with a range of features that make it unique and outstanding. These features are classified under general, specific, photography, effects, and social inclusion:

General Features

  • It is ad-free, making it fun to use, aesthetically pleasing, and with excellent content. Ads make apps obstructive and disruptive.
  • It is compatible with different Android and iOS devices.
  • It is totally free on Google Play Store and the App Store.
  • It has an excellent rating on Google Play and App store, which translates to incredible app quality and user satisfaction.
  • It has a smaller IOS and Android size, which means it takes up minimal space on your device, leaving more room for other apps, your favorite music, and photos.
  • A tablet-optimized version is available, which allows tablet users the best experience.
  • It supports multiple languages, making it suitable for numerous users worldwide.
  • It comes with in-app purchases that allow you to unlock additional features and content within the app at a small fee.
  • It is available on PC, supports widgets, and has a minimalistic design that makes it easier and appealing to use.
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  • It has a self-timer that allows you to set the period that should pass before taking the picture. This feature makes the app an excellent option for taking group photos without excluding anyone.
  • It comes with a manual ISO and shutter speed for accuracy.
  • It can create panoramas in-camera – it is suitable for taking multiple photos of the same object or scene at different angles and joining them into a single picture.
  • It has a hands-free panorama for convenience.
  • It shoots 3D styles pics and a 360-degree panorama.
  • It can capture and rotate images and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and curves depending on your needs, preferences, and goals.
  • It has a manual white balance that allows accurate settings while avoiding the auto mode’s blue, red, or green hue.
  • It can focus and expose separately.
  • It has a serial shot mode and time-lapse feature. The former is helpful in cases where you would like to take multiple shots in a row. The time-lapse function allows you to take a series of photos at the same angle, which is suitable for conjoining them to create a short video.
  • It has a double exposure effect, allowing users to blend two images into one.
  • You can use this app to replicate the effect by combining two of your pictures together as you desire.
  • It has selective adjustment points.


Pics hot Lite app is characterized by numerous effects that enhance your photos‘ beauty and quality. Some of these effects include:

  • HDR adjustment
  • A sharpening tool to allow you to emphasize the edges of the image
  • Numerous filters and frames to use as you desire
  • A mirror effect, brushes, live filters, and free text overlay. The brushes are great tools for painting across the images.
  • Captioning allows you to add titles to your photos
  • Tilt-shift enables you to achieve the diorama effect that makes images seem as though they were taken of tiny models.
  • Do you need to insert icons and shapes across your images? The overlays should come in handy.

Specific Unique Features of Picshop Lite

Some aspects that make Picshop Lite an excellent photo editing app include:


PicShop Lite allows you to tag your posts (photos or videos) at the location where you took them. Doing so helps organize your memories and make them easily accessible by other social media users.

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Can Create Collages

PicShop Lite also allows you to create collages by combining numerous images with customized shapes and frames.

Ability to Order Prints

With PicShop Lite, you can order and get physical copies of your images within the app in different sizes and photobooks.

Offers Privacy Options

With this app, you can always hide selective content from the public through the privacy settings.

Records Audio with Photo

The app is capable of capturing short audio when taking a picture.

  • Has a search option
  • The apps allow great convenience and effectiveness through the search bar, where you can search your data based on the relevant keywords.
  • It shows when someone is typing.
  • The app eliminates confusion by showing you when someone else is typing a reply.

Other features of PicShop Lite that you can enjoy include:

  • Ability to draw on the photos
  • Access to other users’ activity history – when they were last seen active.
  • You can archive your old data into a special folder that allows you to access it anytime you need.
  • You can keep your data private by setting a passcode.

How to Download Picshop Lite For PC

It is impossible to download Picshop Lite to your computer directly. An emulator is the first step; you need to have this app on your PC. Therefore, you should install an emulator, especially the BlueStacks app player for PC.


Upon successful installation of the emulator, you should open the search bar and type ‘Picshop Lite – Photo Editor.’

Download the app and install it on your PC. Upon successful completion, it is ready for use, and you can start editing your photos.

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