How to Install Proxynel on the PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac)

proxynel-for-pc-free-downloadThere are several sites that people in a specific locality on the globe cannot access since they are blocked. Having the Proxynel for your PC, you have a rare chance of accessing those sites that have difficulties. It is the latest VPN in the market, which comes with new, improved features that other VPN lacks. It has been structured in a way that bypasses geographical limitations imposed and offers you the ability to roam across the internet.

What is the Proxynel app?

The Proxynel app is one of the fastest web browsers that help in unblocking websites. Through opening the app, you can browse and access all the blocked sites in your country. It has in-built features within the browsers app. That means you can access all the features at no cost.

Therefore, you can get your Proxynel for your Windows or opt for the Proxynel for MAC in case you are an Apple user. The app does not limit you to any PC. Some of the features you will get from the Proxynel include unlimited bandwidth, no interruptions, security, privacy, fast to connect and comes with a browser.

The Proxynel VPN is designed in a way that bypasses geographical limitations imposed and offers you unlimited ability to roam on the internet. What makes it credible is because of it free of charge.

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Why use Proxynel?

It is one of the best VPN globally due to its outstanding features. Apart from that, you enjoy the various benefits that it comes with. To have the app on your computer, ensure to follow all the steps. Ensure you install both the Proxynel and BlueStacks in the right way. Also, be ready to enjoy the browser that comes along with it. Above all, the Proxynel VPN will ensure you are secured while browsing any blocked site in your location without any problem.

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Some of the Proxynel app benefits include:

  • It has its browser.
  • You will get unlimited bandwidth.
  • Your data is securely kept.
  • You can access all the blocked sites free of charge.
  • Your IP address is masked completely.
  • Your searches are private.

How to download Proxinel App for your PC

Before you download the Proxinel for your PC it is essential to have a BlueStacks installed on your laptop. It is an impressive emulator known to function optimally in running the Android app on PCs.

Follow the following steps to download the BlueStacks emulator when installing the Proxnel VPN.


1. Download BlueStacks on your computer.
2. Run the BlueStack setup and wait to complete the installation process.
3. The blue stacks player will ask you to select your preferred language.
4. Eventually, you will be required to sign in with your Google Play Store data which includes your email address and passwords.
5. Through the Play store search for the Proxinel VPN and download it.
6. Install and then open and begin enjoying access to all the blocked sites you need.


Ensure to follow all the steps given above to download your Proxynel for your computer and make sure you do not skip any step.

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