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A lot of users these days prefer to have constant news updates on their Android devices to stay updated. For this, SmartNews application is perfect and customizable to fit the fast-paced needs of information consumption. You can use the app to display the news that concerns you the most by customizing it.

Smart News is capable of collecting millions of events and stories going around in the world and categorizing it for the readers. It has technical, entertainment, business, and top trending news about all the regions and states. Moreover, the app also delivers news from TIME, CNN, Buzzfeed, VOX, USA Today, and many more.

Why should you have Smart News on your device?


Here are some features of Smart News to show you how reliable and beneficial it is.

Read Offline

The news application is highly customizable across various platforms of sports, technology, and politics. It follows a broad spectrum system to deliver the most researched news. There are many offline articles and save options available on the app for you to read offline in case you have a slow internet connection. It has a mix of entertainment news as well to maintain the balance between the serious topics so you can stay interested.

Easy View

The application displays the news based on readers’ geographical location to stay relevant and informative. This way you are not drowning in other irrelevant local news.

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Breaking news

At a given time there is a lot going around in the world. Smart News has a section dedicated to breaking news so the user can get the recent news as soon as it is published online. The application also gives notifications of breaking to users.

Lots of Different Channels

You can specifically follow a lot of channels and publishers as per your interest and field of choice.

Be a Publisher

The application gives the users a chance to publish their articles on the platform. This can take time with hard work but can be helpful for budding publishers.

Download And Install Smart News App On The PC

You can stay updated with news and current events on your computer and laptop as well. To install the Smart News app on your PC, you need to get an Android emulator for that. You can install one of the following Android emulators for the best experience.

To get started with the emulator, download it from the links mentioned above and open the installer package. Follow the instructions and guidelines on the screen for the installation. The set up will take about 10-15 minutes.


1. After installation, open the emulator.

2. Log in with your Google credentials and go to the Play Store search menu.

3. Search for the Smart News app and download it.

4. The app will get installed in a minute.

5. Now, read news and get live updates on your PC.

Final Words

In our day to day life, news plays a vital role in making us feel part of society while staying informative. You should check out the app for your daily intake of news for current events and updates.

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