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snapbridge-for-pc-windows-mac-downloadLively Pictures With SnapBridge

SnapBridge is an application that allows the user to connect Bluetooth supported devices like Android phones to the camera. This is helpful in the automatic upload of your images. The application is a medium to connect your camera without the hassle of wires and work with it on any device.

With SnapBridge you will be able to directly upload the images to your device for sharing and editing. The application is free to use with its most premium features for the users. You can share your images even when you are traveling without having to transfer them through cords.

Some features of SnapBridge

Here are some interesting features of SnapBridge.


High Speed

The Bluetooth connection with SnapBridge is made to be stable and efficient in speed without crashing while working. The automatic download and saving speed is increased to work without any lags.

Increased efficiency

The application has a power saver mode to save the battery of your device. It can control the amount of power consumed by your device while working on it for an extended time period. There is an option to update the location accuracy to high, medium, and low.

Remote Photography

You can easily set up the camera and have remote access to it. This can be helpful in capturing the events and locations where one cannot be physically present. It is one feature that can be used for wildlife photography where standing next to the camera can be dangerous.

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The exposure, shutter settings, speed, and aperture can be remotely controlled. The user can also adjust ISO sensitivity, white balance, and exposure compensation with SnapBridge.

Save and share

The new update of SnapBridge allows the users to upload the images to Nikon Image Space. This will also act as a back-up to store pictures online and the user can access them on their device anywhere and anytime. The easy share feature can also be helpful in sharing the pictures with your friends and clients.

Install SnapBridge App On The PC

You can conveniently transfer pictures from your camera to your PC and laptop too. To install the SnapBridge app on your PC, you need to get an Android emulator for that. You can install one of the following Android emulators for using the app with a PC.

1. Download the Android emulator from the links mentioned above and open the installer package. Follow the instructions and guidelines on the screen for the installation. The set up will take about 10-15 minutes.


2. After installation, open the emulator.

3. Log in with your Google credentials and go to the Play Store search menu.

4. Search for the SnapBridge app and download it.

5. The app will get installed in a minute.

6. Now, transfer pictures directly to your PC.

Final Words

Overall, SmartBridge is a cool application to save your pictures in the cloud storage or to have remote control over your camera functions. The application will help you become a better and efficient photographer even if you do it for fun or professionally.

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