Thunder VPN for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac) Free Download

thunder-vpn-for-pc-windows-mac-downloadBlueStacks application for PC gives you a powerful experience of an Android phone right on your computer running in Windows or Mac OS. One of the best services is being able to download applications from the Google Play Store and use them right on your PC. Thunder VPN is one of those important apps that you can download.

About Thunder VPN for PC

It is an essential app for internet speed and safety. It encrypts your connection to prevent third parties from accessing your location. It is also good for the fact that you acquire it absolutely for free. It is also able to hide your real IP address thus you can choose to appear in a different country. This can allow you to do great location restricted tasks on your PC.

Moreover, the app has no restriction on logging registration, it is also highly rated at 4.8 stars after 273,238 reviews. You will also enjoy the confidence of sharing the app with 10,000,000+ other users. The download might take you a very short time probably less than a minute since the app is only 6.1M sized.

Steps on How to Download Thunder VPN on PC

Regardless of the version of BlueStacks you are using, these steps will always lead you to the same destination. The steps on download and installation into Windows PC are the same as the installation of Thunder VPN for MAC.

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1. Double-click on BlueStacks to launch it on PC.
2. Once it is launched, click on my apps -this is the blue icon labeled ‘Apps’ at the left upper corner.
3.double click on Google play store to launch it.
4. Under the search bar, type ‘Thunder VPN, free proxy, fast, unlimited.
5. Hit enter on your keyboard.
6. You will get search results with the Thunder VPN being at the top.
7. It has a unique logo like a pale blue lightning sign thus it is easy to recognize.
8. Click on it to open the full installation page.
9. Click on the install button.
10. The download will start with its speed varying with the strength of your internet.
It is therefore advisable to be connected to faster internet to avoid frustration from such a small download package.

How to install the application

1. Click on Google sign up in order to authorize and sync your details that could be on your Android phone.
2. Enter your email address and password.
3. If you use a two-step verification process, you should have the device where the security code is sent.
4. Once sign up is complete, the download will automatically be successful.
5. You can launch your Thunder VPN app and check and do several quick configurations to personalize.


From my experience, BlueStacks will never have issues with new apps downloaded from an official site like Google play store. I also advise you to check on the user’s play store reviews. You will realize that the app has no crushing or stopping issues. However, BlueStacks consumes a significant space on your hard disk and as well as RAM. It might consume up to 500 Mbs at once, therefore, it is important to optimize your disk and avoid opening many apps you are not using at once.

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