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toonme-online-for-pc-downloadToonMe for PC is an increasingly popular app in the digital world. Besides being free, it edits photos by transforming the normal pictures into cartoon drawings. The app is the easiest and most convenient way of turning photos into cartoon animations.

It uses facial recognition software and AI to create the illustrations. Its primary goal is to create cartoon drawings and vector-based images via a visual technique similar to that of Pixar’s CGI animation.

Are you a non-artist interested in creating quality and hand-drawn cartoon drawings? ToonMe is your perfect solution. All you should do is take a selfie, upload it on the app and wait for a cartoon version of your face. Please read below to get a better understanding of the app, its features, and how to download it for your PC.

Features of the ToonMe App

  • AI Technology

As mentioned above, ToonMe is an AI-driven software. It instantly transforms your pictures into perfect and high-quality hand-drawn cartoon animations. Thanks to this app and its AI technology, you can now transform yourself into your favorite cartoon drawing you grew up watching.


Moreover, this app can also fulfill your dreams of transforming your baby into their favorite Disney character they greatly admire. A visit to this app guarantees you an automatic transformation of your pictures into a vector-style or cartoon animation of your choice.

  • Instant

Creating cartoon drawings was a complex task in the past that took several days and a lot of effort to create exemplary results. ToonMe has however changed the industry. The software recreates your pictures into incredible cartoon drawings of your choice in the least time possible. One tap on your computer’s button and you’re transformed into a professional digital artist who produces amazing results.

Besides producing instant quality results, this app also allows people without any drawing skills insight into what it feels like to be an artist.

  • Full-body Cartoon Creation

Do you need full-body cartoon drawings or half-body creations? Regardless of your needs and preference, ToonMe has you covered. The app allows you to create either half or full-body cartoon creations depending on your needs. If your project needs both options, you shouldn’t worry as the software caters to your needs effortlessly.

  • Numerous Layouts and Designs
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Everyone has different and unique needs when it comes to cartoon creations. To meet these varying needs and preferences, ToonMe offers a range of simple layouts and fancy designs that you can choose from. To avoid getting overwhelmed with the limitless options of payouts and designs available, you should be keen to determine your needs before visiting the app. That way, you have an idea about what you want and you can easily find something that suits your ideas.

Fortunately, most of these layouts are simple which makes them easy to use regardless of your experience. Looking for a fancy design to try out? Don’t worry as ToonMe offers a wide range of fancy designs that you can apply when creating your cartoon drawings.

  • Ease of Use

ToonMe is one of the easiest photo editing apps you can use today. One press on your computer’s button and you transform your selfie into a cartoon drawing. You don’t need any drawing skills or complex software to use this app or produce great results. Anyone can use this app regardless of their drawing skills or experience in cartoon creation.

  • Numerous Cartoon Effects

Everyone has their desired cartoon style depending on their taste and preference. Fortunately, this app offers a wide range of cartoon effects which you can choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ToonMe App Free?

ToonMe is a free photo-editing app that allows you to instantly transform your pictures into cartoon drawings. The app doesn’t provide constant trial and premium plans which makes it suitable for most people especially those running on tight budgets.

Can ToonMe Be Downloaded To A PC?

Yes. You can download and install ToonMe app on your computer. It is however impossible to do so directly which necessitates an emulator. Read be to know how to install ToonMe on your computer.

Steps To Download ToonMe On A Computer

1) Download an Android emulator for your PC

As mentioned above, it is impossible to install and use ToonMe app on your PC with an emulator.

The first step to installing the app thus involves visiting Windows AppStore where you can find and download the Android emulator. Upon signing into the AppStore, you should search for either the Nox App or Bluestacks.

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Most web experts in the industry recommend Bluestacks as boasts of numerous solutions on the internet.


In case you come across any challenges, you are likely to find ready solutions when using Bluestacks over other options.

2) Installation of the emulator

The next step after downloading your desired emulator is to install it on your computer. You should find it in the Downloads folder or search for the Bluestacks application on your computer.

Click it to install after which you should click ‘next’ to accept the license terms and conditions.

The next step is to follow the directives on the screen to ensure the successful installation of the emulator app.

3) Running the app

After successfully installing the emulator app, it is time to install your ToonMe app. Open the emulator app and look for the search bar where you should type TooMe by TOONME.COM and search.


The next step is to click on ToonMe by TOONME.COM app icon. A window of the app on the app store or Play Store should open and display in the emulator app.

You should then click the button to begin the downloading process. Upon completion, you should click an icon called ‘All Apps’ which should connect you to the page containing all your installed apps. A click on the ToonMe app should allow you to begin using the software.

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