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touch-vpn-for-pc-windows-mac-free-downloadThere are times that as an internet user, you will need to use the internet privately. Here is where VPNs come in. There are a large number of VPN services out there, and that is why you have to be super careful when choosing a VPN service. One of the best VPN in the market right now is the Touch VPN.

Touch VPN is a completely free VPN that is compatible with all the popular platforms such as Android, Windows, IOS, and Mac. You can also use it as a browser extension for both Mozilla firefox and chrome. This only means that one can use it virtually on all the operating system that is compatible with the two browsers.

In this specific post, we are going to discuss more on touch VPN as a free VPN service you can use in all your devices.

Features of Touch VPN for PC

If you have used different VPNs in the market, you will know that most of them will ask you for your personal details like your email, phone number, and others. Touch VPN is very different from most of those VPNs. With touch VPN, all you need to do is to just click or touch on the connect button, and you can start using the VPN.


Touch VPN is also very generous on the bandwidth. Touch VPN provides you with a fully unlimited bandwidth, which means that even if you use it for 24 hours, it will still be working perfectly. I know what you are thinking, that just because it provides unlimited bandwidth, it is snail slow? You are mistaken, touch VPN is super fast, and it gives a download speed of more than 5mbps, which in most cases, it is enough to view content on Netflix or Hulu.

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Touch VPN also offers you many server locations all across the world. You will have the option of choosing the ‘best server’ or just select one of the servers from your location.

Aside from masking your IP address, touch VPN also protects your device from malware and also protects you from hackers. If you hate it when your ISP tracks or when ad trackers and targeters are tracking you then touch VPN is the solution for you. This VPN allows you to use the web anonymously away from all the trackers.

Touch VPN also protects your data from hackers even when you are using an unsecured wifi hotspot. Touch VPN gives you banking level protection in such a case.

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How does touch VPN work?

So how does this super-secure and free VPN work? When you connect to Touch VPN services, your device makes an encrypted connection to one of touch VPN secure servers. When this is done, all of your internet traffic is sent through that connection.

The connection made between you and the Touch VPNs servers is encrypted such that no one including hackers, trackers or snoopers will be able to see what you are doing.

How to download and install and use Touch VPN on your PC

To use Touch VPN services on your PC, you will need to head on to their official website, and just a single click will download and install Touch VPN. After installation, you will only need to connect to it and enjoy the services.

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