How To Install Trello App On The PC (Windows 10, 8, 7)

trello-for-pc-download-windows-macDo you find yourself having to manage different projects, and sometimes it gets too overwhelming to get most of your work done? Luckily you can use Trello to ensure that you keep your work management skills up in the game.

We are going to discuss more on this fantastic tool and also see how we can download it on our computers.

What is Trello for PC

Trello is a free web-based project management tool that allows its users to manage their activities, whether personal or commercial. You can also manage your tasks or as a team. This tool was created in 2011 by Fog Creek Software. It later became a company in 2014 and was subsequently sold to Atlassian.


The software provides tools that allow you or your team to create projects and define their requirements. With Trello, you can create, organize, and also prioritize some tasks by the use of cards. The cards system also makes things more enjoyable while using Trello.

By dragging and dropping cards on Trello, you can assign tasks, prioritize and give more information on the card. Others on your team can add comments, files, and also links to pass their message too on the platform.

The pricing for Trello is something that anyone can afford. The free tier allows many unlimited features like unlimited boards, cards, attachments, members, checklists, and many more. In this tier, you are also allowed to upload files of up to 10 MB and also upload from one drive, dropbox or box accounts. If these are the features that Trello offers on the free tier, you can imagine what it can provide on the premium tiers.

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Trello Features

To make this software more useful and beneficial, several features enable it to be effective and allow you to be organized and productive.

The boards feature on Trello allows you and your team to create boards from the dashboard. From these boards, you can create different boards like to-do lists, doing, or done tasks. You can then develop cards to highlight tasks on each board, and your team can move the cards to take part in everything on the app.

The ‘butler’ button power-up feature also allows you to set rules such that if anyone does activity on the board that undermines the rules, there will be a notification to remind them of the rule.

How to get Trello for Android, iOS, and Windows or Mac devices

Trello is very advanced such that there are apps for both Android and iOS devices, an app for desktop devices, and you can also use it on the web without having to download the app. The app is also integrated with different third-party software like Slack, Onedrive, Gmail, and others.

For macOS desktops, which are higher than 10.9, you can get the app from the Mac app store. For Windows 10, you can get the app from Microsoft if you have a desktop with versions below the ones we mentioned above you have to use an Android emulator to download the app from either Google Play or App Store.

Trello FAQs

1. Is Trello available on PC?

Yes, it is available only that you have to have a Mac desktop with a Version higher than 10.9 or a Windows 10 computer. If you do not have these versions, you can choose to use an emulator to download and install the app on your Trello for PC.

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2. How do I get Trello on my desktop?

If you are using a macOS 10.9 desktop, you can get the Trello app for PC from the Mac App Store. If it is Windows 10, get the app from Microsoft.

3. Is Trello really free?

Yes, it is you are free to use a free tier or a premium tier.

4. Does Trello have an App?

Yes, Trello has apps for mobile versions iOS or Android. It also has an app for Windows or Mac desktop.

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