Typorama App in PC – Download and Install on Windows and Mac

typorama-for-pc-windows-macTyporama app for art texting!

Looking for a way to send cute and artistic texts to your friends and family through social media sites? Then you can do so with the Typorama app for texting. This is an Android application that you can download for free from the Google play store. The app lets you create typographic texts that you are only allowed to use for your personal needs.

Although there is no Windows or Mac version you can still download the app on your computer. Below is a review of the Typorama app and how you can download Typorama for Windows and Mac.

What is Typorama?

With just a few taps, Typorama transforms your texts into amazing typographic designs. You can then share your designs with your loved ones and friends by sending them through different social media sites. You can also decide to put up a beautiful background to enhance the beautiful text designs you have created.

Where it would take hours for you to create beautiful typographic designs using photoshop, the Typorama app lets you create the designs in the shortest time possible.


Below are some features that make Typorama one of the best text editors on Google Play and App store.

• Quick sharing

Sharing your designs becomes easier and very fast when you use Typorama. On your social chatting app, you can click the file icon and click on the text art that you have created and they will directly be sent to your loved ones or family.

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• Previewing

Before you can save your designs, you will be given the mandate to preview your designs before you can save designs. The app allows you to zoom, pan, and tilt the design that you have created before you send it to your loved ones as text.

• Editing text

Typorama will also give you the freedom to further edit your texts before you send them to your friends and loved ones. All you have to do is double-click on the image in question and you will edit the image as much as you like.

• Typorama Commercial use

Businesses are looking for all ways to create eye-catching ads so that they make gain followers who will subsequently convert to sales. Therefore you will find that most people would want to use art texts for their ads. There are many apps that would allow for commercial texts but Typorama does not allow you to use the text arts for commercial use. You are only allowed to use the app for personal use and you should also not sell any of the designs that you make with the app.

How much does Typorama cost?

Initially, the app would cost $2.99 to use but now the app has gone free and now you can use the app as you wish at no cost at all.

How do you use Typorama on PC?

The app as mentioned is only available for Android and iPhone mobile phones but you can also use it on your PC. Below are some instructions you need to follow to download and install the app on your PC.

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To use the app on PC you need to open Bluestacks Android emulator and open the app to use it on your PC.

Hope you have understood how to Typorama app works and how you can get it for mobile and PC devices.

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