UFO VPN For PC Download (Windows & Mac)

ufo-vpn-for-pcUFO VPN is one of the newest providers offering VPN service that is simple and easy to use. A free and premium plan is offered by this provider.

It is readily available in 30 countries worldwide and is Free to download. It has 2000 servers and 200 IP addresses.

Kindly take note of these points before buying the UFO VPN.

1. Speed

This provider offers high speed starting with a base speed of 70mbps on the premium plan.

The location of the server determines the average speed. This means that if you are very far from the server the speed will be lower but on average, UFO VPN has passed most speed tests.


Newer VPNs tend to achieve fast server speeds since they are less crowded but once it gets more popular and crowded, they will need to figure out ways to maintain the great speed.

2. Security

UFO VPN has a secure encryption that masks your IP address so as to protect your connection.

This VPN doesn’t include an Ad-blocker.

It is one of the cheapest apps offering affordable security service for the free plan and the premium plan.

3. Compatibility

It is compatible with most major platforms and all PC’s using Windows or MAC OS.

4. Customer Support

UFO VPN offers its clients 24 hours, 7 days a week customer service support centre where you can contact them online via email or check for answers on the frequently asked questions.

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There is however no telephone line for calls or messages which is a disadvantage for those who need immediate assistance.

Other advantages of UFO VPN are that it allows users to browse anonymously and also unblock sites and easily access blocked sites.

Some of the servers used are very fast and fully secure and the user can comfortably transmit videos and movies. The servers include;

  • PPTP Server- protects all the personal information when browsing.
  • AES Server- ensures the security of users when browsing.

UFO VPN is not really recommended for torrenting. This is because it keeps logs of all the user activities and doesn’t ban torrenting on their servers. It is unsafe since Information about your torrenting activities might be leaked.

The data that it collects from clients activities include:

  • Website pages visited
  • The time spent browsing
  • Access date and time
  • The type of browser used
  • The IP address
  • Email and name of user
  • Billing information used.

How to download UFO VPN for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, 11)


  1. Go to the online store on your device.
  2. Search UFO VPN.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Install. After this the application can be accessed.
  5. Registration is usually not required.
  6. Configure internet network and choose a server by entering your internet network and choosing UFO VPN server.
  7. Choose your preferred plan or start with the free trial.

The premium plans start from $2.99 per month and there is also a 6 months plan starting from $4.99.
Payment for the plans can be done via credit card or PayPal which is a bit more secure.

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