How To Use UVideo App On PC [Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac]

uvideo-for-pc-download-freeUVideo is one of the many video apps that are currently active in the market. UVideo lets you create special moments from your phone and share them as your status either on Facebook or WhatsApp. UVideo app is also a platform where you can get your audience, where people love to see your creative video status.

The app works on smartphones but we have explained a workaround where you can download the app on your PC. Also, we have discussed more of this UVideo app and what as a user you can expect from the UVideo app for PC.

Is UVideo app Indian?


No, the app is popular in India but it did not originate from India; it was made in China, so it is a Chinese app. The app was developed by a company known as KWAI.XYZ STUDIO. The app has been around for some time and has until now published other apps like MVstatus and VStatus. UVideo has over 50 million downloads, which is why it has been considered one of the most popular app.

The MVstatus and UVideo are two of their best apps among the apps they have registered on Google play. So answering the question, UVideo is not an Indian app but a Chinese one which happens to be so famous in India.

How to use UVideo to produce mind-blowing video statuses

For you to create outstanding video status using UVideo here are some tips for you;

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1. Ensure that you use UVideo editing features to help you in editing your short video status.

2. Add in background music for the video you wish to upload. You can use the trending music on UVideo or you can also add your local music depending on what you want your videos to look like.

3. Use UVideo status themes for that unique theme. The app will recommend different depending on the mood you are showing.

4. Add Uvideo filters to make your videos more appealing.

5. You don’t have to share your videos with the UVideo watermark; you are free to remove it.

With UVideo, you can easily make your videos go viral. Simply create a video that will influence more and more people to watch. You can create videos on love, food, motivational messages, dialogues and so much more. UVideo will then share your video on your fan base and you can attract more people to watch.

How can you download UVideo for PC?

To download this app, you must have an emulator. This is an Android device app and so an emulator is the only way you can download the app on your PC.

So you can download the Memu emulator or the Nox emulator if you do not have an emulator on your PC. Next, download Uvideo’s APK on your PC.

Click on the APK icon on your PC and choose the APK that you have downloaded and the installation will start to take place on your PC.

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Now to start using the UVideo app you will need to open the emulator and use the app with the software.

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