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vllo-for-pc-windows-mac-downloadVLLO – Easy Video and Vlog Editing App for PC Free Download

Making videos, whether for commercial or personal reasons, can be fun, but the editing part is not an easy task. Editing becomes stressful, especially if you do not have proper resources and tools. To end this nightmare, many software and app developers have come up with different applications and software to ease the burden and solve the puzzle of video editing.

Video editing apps have quickly risen in number over a very short time. For this reason, it becomes challenging to identify the best video editing app among hundreds of apps. If you are here looking to see if VLLO is an excellent video editing app, then stay locked in here to read the cards and decide for yourself.

In this piece, we are going to discuss more this vlog editing app and its video editing superpowers.

An overview of VLLO vlog editing app


In a simple definition, we can define VLLO as a powerful video editing app. However, with a more in-depth explanation, the VLLO app can be termed as an Android application specially designed to edit vlog videos and other videos as well. Whichever way you choose to define this app, all I can say is that this is a fantastic video editing tool. So what makes it amazing and unique? Well, let’s see.

VLLO app was initially known as Vimo, and it later changed to the VLLO app. The app is designed to work very well on Android devices. However, there is an easy workaround that you can use to download and install the app on your PC.

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The app is very easy to use and if you are starting on video editing or vlogging, then this the perfect app for you. The application also gives you the ability to share the videos immediately you edit them to your social media accounts.

Perhaps your videos are always mixed up with images or other videos, and you are wondering how this app will help you. VLLO vlog editing app for PC will give you the freedom and assist you in adding all of these extras.

I hate watermarks, does VLLO vlog editing app has watermarks?

If you hate watermarks, then this is your lucky because watermarks are not available in VLLO easy editing app. For those of you asking what a watermark is, a watermark is still an image that appears on a video, and the video can even appear when you are editing and this can be frustrating. Some applications require you to pay a subscription fee to get rid of the watermark, but the VLLO app for PC does not have a watermark in any case.

How to download and install VLLO for PC


  1. First, you will have to download Bluestacks or any other emulator that you trust. Log in to your Google account within the emulator and head on to Google Play store.
  2. Search for VLLO for PC and once it appears to click on the install button and the installation process will start.
  3. Once the installation is complete, you can now use the app freely.


1. Does VLLO have a watermark?

As we earlier mentioned, VLLO does not have a watermark.

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2. How do you use VLLO?

VLLO is very easy to use, and all you have to do is open the app and upload a video you would like to edit. VLLO will then prompt you or instruct you on the way forward.

3. How safe is Bluestacks?

There is no proof that Bluestacks can trigger any harm on your PC so yes, Bluestacks is 100% safe.

4. What app can I use to edit videos and add music?

As you can see for yourself, VLLO is the best video editing app, and you can surely use it to produce great flawless videos.

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