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voloco-for-pc-windows-and-mac-free-downloadYou might have heard about Voloco Auto Voice Tune app in the recent past. This is a voice processing application that combines automatic tuning and pitch changing in real-time.

In actual sense, this application lets you auto-tune your voice to create songs out of any phrase or sentence you speak. Voloco Auto Voice Tune app allows you to quickly get the desired effect in online automatic mode.

This means that you will be able to record your voice and adjust its intonation to select music. Therefore, you can be certain that your voice will be processed and ready for playback. The following are the features of this app.

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5 Things that make this app exceptional

1. It has 4 different effects

The free version of this app has 4 different effects that allow you to create different sounds completely. These effects include; the Big Chorus, Hard Tune, SuperVocoder and Natural Tune. The ‘Big Chorus’ allows you to create a song with 7 harmonized voices. The ‘Hard Tunes’ on the other hand allows you to apply the classic auto-tune effect. The ‘SuperVocoder and ‘Natural Tune’ will also provide excellent results for you.

2. It has the backtrack option

This is an optional feature that you can use when using this app. If you use this feature, you will be able to add a song in the background so that you can keep a steady beat. However, this feature is only effective if you have headphones.

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3. Songs are stored in MP4 format

All the audio files that you will create will be stored in an MP4 format. Therefore, you will not have to worry that these audio files will not play well on other apps out there.

4. Allows you to share your audio files

Once you have finished recording your voice, you can listen to it with the auto-tune effect applied. Thereafter, you can save it and even share it on social medial platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

5. Easy to use

The interface of this app is user-friendly. Therefore, this app is ideal for those beginners who would like to venture into the music world.

What Procedure Should I Follow When Downloading Voloco Auto Voice Tune App on PC?

Most apps including Voloco Auto Voice Tune App on PC are developed mostly to be used on the mobile platform. However, did you know that you can easily download Voloco Auto Voice Tune App On your PC? This is possible but you need to have an Android emulator to use this app on your PC.


BlueStacks is one of the coolest and widely used emulators to run android applications on Windows PC. Therefore, you should follow these steps to get this done:

1. Download the BlueStacks software and install it on your PC.
2. Open this emulator and you will see Google Play store on the Home screen of this software.
3. Click the Google Play store icon and search for Voloco Auto Voice Tune App on PC
4. Click on this app and install it on your PC. After the installation, this app will be stored under the list of installed apps in Bluestacks.
5. Launch the app and enjoy using it.

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With this app, you will be able to record your voice in real-time. The voice processing engine of this app ensures that you get the best audio quality at different pitch and bass levels. Also, it allows you to change the tunes and tones of your recorded sessions to fit your needs. Voloco Auto Voice Tune App on PC is truly incredible.

Download it for your PC today and you will be able to create songs in your voice and share them with friends and family.

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