How to Install VPN 360 on your PC (Windows & Mac)

vpn-360-pc-windows-macVPN 360 App allows computer users to use a quality VPN for free while on their computers, using BlueStacks, the popular Android emulation software freely available as well.

In this tutorial, we will learn how we can install this application on our computers via BlueStacks and the Google Play Store. We will describe the steps you need to make in order to get it installed and running, you will see it’s fairly easy.

Installing VPN 360 on your PC (Windows and Mac)

So, first of all, we need to click on the Google Play Store from the BlueStacks App Player and once we have it opened it will ask us to login or to create an account if we are not logged in yet. You can create an account for free there if you don’t have one and if you have one surely you can go ahead and login with it.

Once we are logged in, we now have to look for our application in the search bar placed at the top of the Google Play Store, we should write “VPN 360” without the quotation marks and the one that has an icon showing a white circle on a blue background, the one that appears first, that is the one we are looking for.

We can now simply click on “Install” placed on the right side, and it should begin downloading and installing. If you have a slow connection it might take more than a minute or two but usually, it will take less than 30 seconds.

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If we don’t have enough storage available you will require removing files or other applications installed so keep that in mind, but this application is only 8 MB anyways so this should be very unlikely to happen.

Now that we are done with the installation process, we can finally click “Open” and we can finally see our VPN 360 application running. However, our VPN is not running, yet we just need to make a few tweaks to get it running.

You can’t choose locations on the free version, unfortunately, so you must choose the United States as your new simulated location unless you are willing to pay for the premium version.

The last thing to do is simply click on the “On” button that is currently showing as disconnected and it will ask us if we allow VPN 360 to set up a VPN connection on the PC, of course, we simply press “OK” and that’s it.

You are now benefiting from having your activities encrypted against hackers and enjoying a higher privacy level against any other possible observers!

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