How To Install WIFI Study App On Your PC (Windows, Mac)

wifi-study-for-pc-windows-macWIFI Study App – India’s No. 1 Exams Preparation App for PC

WIFI Study is India’s number one Youtube study channel. The channel is geared towards helping students at home prepare for their next class or their exams. Wifi study is especially great in this COVID-19 times where many schools have not yet resumed classes. The channels allow students to continue with their studies in the comfort of their homes.

Below is a round-up of the things that you have to know about WIFI study and how you can use it to your advantage.

Why WIFI Study?


If for any reason you are forced to stay home you do not need to worry if your studies are going to go on. If you are in India then this is the post for you. Wifi study is a youtube channel that brings about studying at home more vividly. With this channel, you can learn through everyday lessons. Some of these lessons are life which means you can allocate a few hours and get to learn a few important topics from home.

The app also gives out their students live tests so students can gauge their understanding from the tests. Your performance as a student will also be analyzed by the instructor or teacher. The analysis also comes with advice on how better you can handle an issue next time. Also, all the government’s exams in India are covered so you can prepare for any exam including defense, SSC, state, engineering, JEE, and others.

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Is WIFI Study a trustworthy platform?

If you want to test if something can be trusted the best way is by looking for reviews from other people who have used it. In this case, you can research on the channel’s popularity on Facebook. The more the views and reviews the more trustworthy is.

To begin with, the WIFI study channel became the number one most popular channel in the education industry on 9th August. At the moment the channels boast of over 2 billion views. This clearly shows that the platform produces great content and this is why people keep coming back to get more and thus the views. If you thought that was too much well, WIFI Study also has over 4000 content uploaded which means it would be quite impossible to lack the information you need from the channel.

WIFI Study App

This gets even more interesting because the platform has an app that you can download and learn from the comfort of anywhere you are. With the WIFI Study app, you can learn on the go. The app is available for Android users on Google Play. If you are using an Android phone you can get the app from Google play store for free.

WIFI Study App For PC

WIFI Study app is designed to work on Android phones and therefore the only way to download it for PC is by using an emulator. Follow the steps below to download the WIFI study app for PC.

  1. Download the MEmu player on your Windows desktop.
  2. Run the emulator on your PC.
  3. Download WIFI Study APK.
  4. Click on the APK icon.
  5. Select the APK file you downloaded.
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Below are a few questions asked frequently by WIFI Study for PC users.

1. Do I need a WIFI Study login to use the app?

Once you download the app on your device you need to sign up for an account and login thereafter to use the app. You can easily use Google+ to sign up for an account.

2. Can I download the WIFI study on the PC app store download?

It would be impossible to download the app directly from the app store if using an iOS device. However, you can use the Nox app player to download the app. You are not limited to the Nox app player you can also use another emulator to download the app.

3. Can I download the WIFI study on the Play store for PC?

Yes, you can download the WIFI Study app from Google play store using an emulator to download the app.

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