Download and Install WPS Connect for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac)

wps-connect-for-pc-windows-mac-softgetaWe live in a digital world where we are surrounded by countless WIFI networks. Connecting to WIFI networks at work, home or even in public has become a common phenomenon. It can be frustrating at times to have no internet connection while there is a WPS enabled WIFI nearby. Well not anymore, WPS connect is an android application that attempts to connect to WPS secured WIFI networks.

Developed by Frox and at a small size of 2MB, WPS Connect is a handy app. With WPS Connect and a rooted device, one can easily exploit vulnerabilities in WPS secured networks. It does so by trying the default PIN(s) of a specific router. This is because of WPS work by generating an eight-digit code/pin which a user can then use to join the network. WPS Connect tries to guess this pin so that the user can join (with permission from the owner obviously).

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One can also use it to check whether their own network is vulnerable to attacks and adjust their passwords accordingly. This makes WPS Connect a double-edged sword and a very useful application if you have a router with WPS security protocol.

Features of WPS Connect

• Scan for the available networks and their security protocols (WPS, WPA2) from where you can know which network is vulnerable to exploit (WPS)
• Generate multiple PINs which one can try at a click of a button
• Easily input a provided PIN by clicking on “other” PIN button

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Such an app can prove useful especially if you are using a Laptop or MacBook and you want to connect to a WPS protected WIFI. However, the application is designed to only run on Android devices with Android 4.0 or higher. To use it on your PC, you will need to create an android environment using BlueStacks Emulator. This means that your installation will proceed using two main steps;
1. Installing BlueStacks on your PC
2. Installing WPS Connect on BlueStacks

1. Installing BlueStacks on Windows/Mac PC

• From the google page on your browser, type BlueStacks to search for download links or directly visit the official website
• Download the setup file to your computer local storage
• Run the setup file as the administrator to install it
• Once installed, proceed to step 2

2. Installing WPS Connect on BlueStacks

• Launch the already installed BlueStacks app
• From the main page, press on the Play Store icon
• Log in with your Google account and click next to continue
• Once the account is verified, you will be directed to Google Play Store’s main page
• On the search tab, type WPS Connect and click enter
• Click on WPS Connect by Frox (with red wifi sign) then click on install
• Wait for the app to download and install
• Launch it and enjoy its services on your PC
• The other option is dragging the apk file and dropping it on the BlueStacks homepage from where it will automatically install.

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Pros and Cons of WPS Connect

• Easy access to vulnerable WPS WIFI networks
• Easy to use
• Quick access with just a click of a button

• Contains adds
• Does not always connect or get a correct PIN which can be frustrating
• Most instructions are in Spanish and you might need to translate

WPS Connect is a useful app that can help you access WPS protected WIFI networks and also secure your own network.

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