Download YouTube Vanced For PC [Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac]

youtube-vanced-for-pc-free-downloadYouTube Vanced is a modified version of YouTube that allows you to stream different popular videos along with some additional features. It is a fantastic YouTube app alternative that provides users with incredible features such as the Ad-free, dark themes, background video playback, and much more. This can make your streaming experience to become more awesome.

All about YouTube Vanced

This app usually has some incredible features that can fascinate you. First, you will note that it allows you to play music or videos in the background. It also reduces the time spent watching different advertisements in your video. The good news is that this software has many special features that are not even available on the original application of YouTube.

When using this application, you do not need to stick on the website to watch a particular video. All these activities can be done in the background as you use other applications. You can be sure that the music will not stop in the background.


Some applications do not allow you to listen to music on the background. However, YouTube Vanced app is different. You will note that it usually allows you to music on the background even if you have to minimize this application. As a result, you do not need to remain on the application to use it.

Also, this app does not allow ads to interrupt you when watching different videos. Here, all the ads are normally blocked. Therefore, you will be certain that you will not encounter any type of delay or pause when watching your favorite videos.

Do you want to use other applications as you watch different videos on your phone? This app allows you to do this. Here, you will be able to use other applications as you watch different videos on this application. The Picture in Picture mode allows you to do this seamlessly.

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Besides this feature, the YouTube Vanced app comes in many themes. Here, various themes can be selected from the Vanced setting. You can expect to find a white, black, or dark theme.

Sometimes, you might want to make a video repeat after it is done. This app readily allows you to this. With this app, you just need to pick any video that you please and then repeat it over and over again. Also, it allows you to set the default playing video. Once you choose this option, you will not need to click again on the video to play. As a result, it will play automatically.

Lastly, this application allows you to control brightness and volumes on your screen. You can readily adjust these things as you watch your favorite video. When the video is full screen, you just need to swipe your fingers up and down the screen for you to change either brightness or volume of your video. Also, this app allows you to watch videos in very high resolutions that would have otherwise been disabled on your device.

How to get YouTube Vanced for PC (Windows and Mac)

Chances are, you have downloaded this app on your device. However, you might be wondering, can it work well on my computer? Yes. This application can work well on your computer. The good news is that a computer has a larger screen compared to your Android device. As a result, you will have a great user experience.

Since this application is an Android app, you need to download an Android emulator for it to work optimally on your PC. Here, we shall use the Nox app player emulator. First and foremost, you should download and install the Nox app player. Once you have installed it, launch the emulator.


On the Home screen of this emulator, you will see Google Play Store. Log in your Google details on the Google Play store and then search for YouTube Vanced app. Click download, and this app will be installed on the Nox app player emulator. Once this is done, you can then launch the app and start using it.

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1. Is YouTube Vanced available for PC?

Yes. This app is available for PC. It is currently available in English and was lastly updated in September 2018. All you need to do is to download an Android emulator on your computer and then download this app for your PC.

3. Does YouTube Vanced for PC allows ads when you are watching a video?

No. This application does not allow ads to appear on your screen as you enjoy watching your favorite videos. As a result, you will not need to pause to stop these ads from popping up.

4. Is YouTube Vanced app for PC safe to use?

Yes. This app is safe to use. It does not come with malware that might harm your device. This app has been tested and has proved to be very effective in the recent past.

This app can help you watch your videos without encountering annoying adverts that might waste your time. Also, it allows you to play music in the background. This app is both safe and free to download. Download this app for your PC today, and you will enjoy the features mentioned above.

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