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zili-for-pc-windows-macZili App: Short Video App in India

Zili is a Tik Tok rival app from China used in India. The app contains all the features on Tiktok except that the app is claimed to be more fun that Tik Tok. After the banning of 58 apps including Tik Tok in India, countless apps have been coming in to fill up this void of the missing apps.

Zili is one of the apps that have flooded the current app platforms in India. Below is a detailed review of this app and how people use it to have fun through their devices.

What is the Zili app and which country is it from?

Zili is a short video application that allows you to create and watch short videos. The app has a plethora of video genres that are full of fun. The app also lets you create your funny short story. When creating a short video story the app allows you to use the extensive video editing tools thus making it easier for people to produce their own content using Zili app for PC.


India is on the spree of banning and uninstalling Chinese-based apps. This comes after an engineer Sonam Wangchuk had explained the problem with using Chinese applications. At this moment many Chinese application users have stopped using Chinese apps and they are looking for information on other alternatives. When it comes to the Zili app although it is a good app most people will stop using it if they discover the app is Chinese.

So is Zili app a Chinese app? Zili app originated from China, designed by a China-based tech organization known as Xiaomi. The app was created to counter the popularity of Tik Tok in China, but Tik Tok ended up taking the lead in the short videos app in China.

The app was created in 2019 and gained popularity in the same year, thus having over 10 million downloads as of the time of writing this.

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Was Zili Banned in China?

In total, 59 apps were banned in China as of Monday, June 29 of 2020. Fortunately, Zili has not yet been banned by the country. The apps that were accused of interfering with the data and the privacy of the users. These apps were banned with an aim to safeguard India’s cybersecurity and the data privacy of the users.

What makes Zili a good short video app?

Zili is a lot more popular than most of the short video apps remaining in India. The app is popular because it offers so much more than its competitors. Below are some features that this app has over its competitors;

√ Lots and lots of content; The high popularity for this app has resulted in more and more content being posted frequently. For the user who likes to watch content, they will have enough to feed their eyes on and laugh out loud. Most of the videos that are posted on Zili are funny videos so you can be assured of full fun using Zili short video app. Zili has an ocean of funny videos from all genres including funny dance videos, music, comedy, and many more.

√ Become an influencer; if you believe that, you have an amazing sense of humor and you can create funny videos that will make people laugh, then Zili is the right app for you. You simply need to record a short video and later edit it using the app’s editing tool and post it on Zili. On Zili you can have as many followers as possible and you can also share the videos to other social media sites like WhatsApp and Facebook. Zili can give an excellent platform to present your talents to the world and become an influencer.

√ Join any funny group that understands your personality; in Zilli, there are all kinds of people and groups. You will find cat lovers, dog lovers, food lovers, fashion lovers and so much more. Here you only need to search for what you love most and connect with the rest of the people who share the same kindred spirits with you. You can also create videos of what you love to do, and you will find people who love the same things you do. So this app is not only a fun video app but one you can use to connect with other people.

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√ Easily share the videos on Facebook or WhatsApp: with a single tap with an app that allows you to share your videos or other people’s videos on these social media sites. The app has so much fun that you will always find yourself trying to share a certain funny video with a family or a friend.

How do I download the Zili app on my PC?

Simple, you will only need an emulator to download the app on your PC. The reason you need to download an emulator is that the app is a smartphone application and cannot be downloaded directly to your Windows or Mac device.

Once you download the emulator on your PC you can log in to your Google account and search for the Zili app on Google play store. Once you find it, you will only have to click on the install tab and the app will be downloaded to your PC.



Because India has banned most of all the short funny video apps, it does not mean that all the fun is gone. You can look for a Tik Tok alternative like the Zili app for PC and continue with the whole fun. Create funny videos and share them with your friends and family.

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