How To Download, Setup & Use ZOOM Cloud Meetings for PC

zoom-for-pc-windows-macHow To Use Zoom For Meetings

Planning on using Zoom for your virtual meetings? Want to know how you can use Zoom on your phone or on your desktop? Are you so curious about the features in Zoom? These are the most popular questions that many people ask when they get started with Zoom.

When getting started with Zoom creating an account and familiarizing yourself with the basic tools of Zoom. Apart from the basic tools of Zoom, this article is all about how to use Zoom on your android device or on your desktop.


Setting up Zoom on phone

Before you start on Zoom, you must set up on account and download the app on your android device. So setting up an account you need to visit zoom’s sign up page and register using your credentials. A link will be sent to your email address and you can then activate your Zoom account.

You can use an email and a password of your choice. The next thing to do is download the Zoom app on your phone, Google Play Store. If you only want to only join a meeting an account won’t be very necessary. You can only download the app on your phone and join a meeting using the link you got from the host of the meeting.

If however, you need to start a meeting, you will need an account and then use the account to invite your participants. Once they are on board, you can mute them all or mute specific people.

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Setting up Zoom on a computer

Setting up Zoom on your computer differs from setting it up on your phone. On your computer, whether Mac, Linux, or Windows, you do not have to download the app on your PC. You will need to open your browser and sign up for an account. You need not download an app on your PC, you can use the software on your browser.

However, not that you cannot download the app on your PC. Downloading, the app on your PC is very simple. You only need to visit Zoom’s download center and download ‘Zoom client for meetings’. After downloading the app on your PC, you will be required to set up an account or log in to an existing one. From here you can either join or start a meeting using the app.


If you only need to join a meeting, you also need not set up an account, you will join the meeting directly using the link generated by your host.

Bottom Line

Zoom is a very reliable and efficient platform that has proved to be the best virtual meeting platform for many. It is very easy to use and one can hover around its platform with ease. Also, the platform can hold any kind of meetings including board meetings, school activities, and also family gatherings. It is also very affordable since the plans available cater to different meetings. For instance, for meetings that hold up to 100 participants, Zoom becomes free.

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